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Regardless of what your roadblocks are, a free session with us will help you jump the huddle. While it's free for 10 minutes, some solutions are paid for.

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In this evolving ecosystem, your team needs regular training and retraining. This training ensures your team is updated and armed with necessary skills.

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Learn on your own pace from our carefully prepared courses. Each course has ample e-books, screenshots and videos to ensure mastery of every topic discussed.

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Business Page Audit

Let us critically look at your website or social media accounts and tell you what needs to be fixed. Audits are delivered in 6 hours as a PDF document.

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About Techgyst

Who We Are?

Techgyst Tutors are your go-to guys when you crash your systems, lack business automation, and need to be taught like a friend. Our clients, not caring how we feel call us “bunch of techies and nerds”. We understand that entrepreneurs find it difficult to keep-up with evolving business tools, so we have taken it upon ourselves to help.

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What We Do?

We research entrepreneurs’ difficulties and provide solutions. We have answered over 151 questions on Quora, and advised over 10,100 Instagram followers. We host free and premium classes to improve businesses. Furthermore, we offer legal, business, motivational, inspirational and technical support to entrepreneurs.

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We have so much lined up for you. Read some articles to kick-start your learning journey now.

Phone Lag - effects reasons expert solutions - techgyst - featured image

Android Phone Lag: Effects, reasons, and expert solutions

Does your phone lag prevent you from taking calls? … oh, that hurts, but don’t worry, its normal for smartphones to lag. Many factors can make a phone lag. Which of these could be your case? Let’s find out and get you a fix.   But before we continue, here are some bitter effects of… [Read more]

Instagram Visibility Hashtag Story Explore Page - Techgyst

Instagram Visibility: Hashtag, Story, Explore Page, mention

For better Instagram Visibility, Hashtag, Story, and Explore Page must be exploited. In this video, you will learn how to share posts to Instagram story. As a Bonus, you will learn how to mention users, use hashtags and add a call to action (CTA). This video is a step-by-step guide for both experts and novices…. [Read more]

Mobile Document Scanner scans documents in seconds

Mobile Document Scanner scans documents in seconds

Our mobile phones do not leave our hands for ten minutes, that’s why many applications including mobile document scanner has found its way to our phones. Just like other apps, the mobile document scanner is essential for business people who need to periodically scan and send documents to people. … colleagues, employees or business partners…. [Read more]

Salesforce CRMP (Customer Relationship Managment Platform) - techgyst

Salesforce CRMP (Customer Relationship Managment Platform)

Salesforce CRMP is the world’s #1 customer relationship management platform. This cloud-based application is for sales, service, marketing, and more. Salesforce CRM platform doesn’t require IT experts to set up or manage — simply log in and start connecting to customers in a whole new way. The Salesforce CRMP cloud is an on-demand customer relationship… [Read more]

Coworking space in Lagos - List for Island and mainland - Techgyst featured image

Coworking space in Lagos: List for Island and mainland

Are you looking for a coworking space in Lagos for your freelance journey? That’s great! This article will give you enough options to choose from, in few minutes, you would have reached a decision. No doubt, by this time next week, you will be ripping the benefits of a coworking space.   Trust me, I… [Read more]

The Importance of a Business Logo - Featured Image - Techgyst

The Importance of a Business Logo

A business logo is an image that symbolizes your business. A logo is a visual representation that appears on company signs, paper and advertisements that customers use to identify your company. They also give customers a sense of your company’s character and values. It creates your customers’ first impression of your company.   The best… [Read more]

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