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Create Wealth with your Social Media accounts

What does business and wealth mean to you? No matter what you say about business and how much you love/hate going into it, you are involved in one way or the other – you are involved in a business and are in the giving position

Pull customers

Supercharge your Sales with

Reach customers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. Getting social media influencers to talk about a startup has never been easy. This is majorly due to the inability of individuals to contact and communicate with social media influencers. Some influencers use email and phone call

OCR in use

An easy way to raise text from books: OCR

What have we done? We have not mined gold but we have something of great worth – OCR. It is not necessarily for final year students, but for anybody that have business with lifting text from their textbooks and inputting it in their projects, books,


Twitter for business

With the continuous popularity that twitter has managed to gather and keep up with over the years, it has remained one of the social media for product advertisement and hype. Many celebrities love to tweet about their daily activities and most often tweet about their

Scraps machines

Scraps and why they should be sold

If you have not started disposing your already damaged machines for the sake of – something nobody cares about, then start now. Don’t you know there is much to gain by selling off scraps? Or do you not know that those very old machines are

Somethings tech guys fail to understand

As I sat in my quiet house, at the dining table reading a textbook and calculating my tariff plan, with sugarcane and my mouth engaged in mechanical digestion – courtesy my neighbor at my rural apartment, I got lost in an imagination but couldn’t recall.

Cracked phone screen - Techgyst

Avoid breaking those delicate phone screens

It has become a norm with smart phone users to carry phones with cracked screens or broken screens, the reasons are best known to them but a generalization has been made. Read more to Avoid breaking those delicate phone screens The generalisations are Dropping of the

Fake memorycard - Techgyst

Dealing with Fake Memory cards or Flash Disks

What are fake memory cards? Fake memory cards are counterfeit or inferior products, usually referred to as clones. They usually come with the same name as the original memory card/flash disks but their performances are very poor and usually lead to data loss. Fake memory