Why you should stop using VivaVideo editor now

This article is for serious business owners on Instagram who understand what branding is, and understand that VivaVideo editor sucks. – if not complete knowledge of how VivaVideo editor sucks, at least, a little.


I logged in to Instagram today after staying offline for over 24 hours and was greeted by a low quality video. Without thinking twice, I already figured which video app created it, and on what device platform. Obviously, it was “VivaVideo free version”.


For those who are aware, you can’t use the free version and get a high quality video output.

But that’s not all.


VivaVideo, although most popular among its pairs, is not a good option for you.

Please note that this is an expert opinion, and I don’t expect you to buy my idea or points just yet, until you finish reading this post.

If you do not like my explanations, you can comment below or just move on like you never came here.

My points are based on

– The need for flexibility,

– The need to use videos for promotional purposes, and

– Lack of cash to throw around for full package.

Screenshot_2018-08-18-10-15-57 - Techgyst

This said,

Although VivaVideo seems like an “easy to use” video editor for making IG square (1:1) videos, its restrictions turn me off.


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Instead of using Viva, why don’ t you sort alternatives? Anyway, read my reasons and recommendation.

1. Compulsory Watermark “VivaVideo”

Why you should stop using VivaVideo editor now - Forced Advertising - Techgyst
See the watermark “Made with VivaVideo” on the bottom right corner the video.

With VivaVideo free version, your videos carry a watermark which is unprofessional for a brand who needs to look professional. For professionals and people who have eyes for details, the watermark totally kills your effort. According to @Mastinlabs, most websites won’t share your videos or feature it in their posts.

Watermarks Hurt Your Chances of Getting Published or Featured

Watermarks hinder the opportunities for getting shared because they make it impossible for companies, blogs, and social media channels (like our Mastin Labs Instagram account) to feature your work. When we look for images hashtagged #mastinlabs, any watermark makes us skip over the image. Watermarks are just plain ugly and go against the brand image we are cultivating. This translates over to wedding blogs, lifestyle blogs, magazines and more. No one wants your watermark. No one. – MastinLabs

It’s even harder when your video carries a watermark for Viva, a brand you are not affiliated with. It tells the world hey, I’m a cheap brand, I use VivaVideo free software.


2. Forced Free advertising at great pain

With the watermark on your video, you are advertising for Viva who are a bigger brand than you forcefully.

The intention here isn’t to sound like a rebel. But if you are giving a video editing app for free, and forcing low quality, it should be free for real.


3. Low quality video

Is the watermark not enough? I use KineMaster for my videos, and there is a watermark. …but I enjoy the highest quality ever. I can edit and save as 4k.

Reverse that… That’s exactly the case with VivaVideo. You get a totally dead quality video, which you cannot use for promotional purposes… Let’s get this clear in the next point.

Screenshot_2018-08-18-10-23-31 - Techgyst

How will you allow your repeated scenes be totally destroyed by VivaVideo free version when there are better alternatives?


4. Video Output is useless for promotional purposes and viewer pleasure

If you know much about running adverts, you know by now that Instagram doesn’t allow promotion of low quality images or videos.

Every video you edit with VivaVideo free version gives you low quality videos which cannot be promoted.

Why you should stop using VivaVideo editor now - Low quality video on free version - Techgyst

So if you are wondering why your properly edited video can’t fly as an advert… well, now you know. It’s Viva!


VIvaVideo editor alternatives for you

There are both unethical/unsafe fixes, and ethical/safe fixes. For the purpose of this blog, I will discuss only the ethical fix. You can google around for the unethical options.


1. You buy the full version (Not so much of an option if you don’t have cash to waste)

If the sole purpose of using a free application is to cut cost, and save some bucks, why should you still buy the full version? – You digggggggg?

If this be the case, then scratch off buying the full version of VivaVideo Editor.


2. Download and use InShot

InShot is my most preferred VivaVideo editor alternative.

I knew InShot when our tribers were engaged in a conversation this year. Reason is, I’ve not had reasons to make or share videos.

We use InShot for mobile video editing

InShot works pretty well. The free version only has a watermark when you use faded backgrounds. Leave it plain as you do on Viva (white or black background) and your video stays void of watermarks.

Apart from the absence of watermark, you can save videos in High Resolutions. These videos can be promoted on Instagram and Facebook.

Screenshot_2018-08-17-21-09-58 - Techgyst

Apart from this, you get more appreciation for your work. Reason is, because these videos even though recorded with a free app, carries full details, and are crisp.


3 Use KineMaster

Should i call this my next most preferred alternative to VivaVideo editor?


If you know what i mean, KineMaster unlike VivaVideo editor has awesome FX, and allows more controls. Its even better than InShot, except that I didn’t find the square video option. Maybe not yet.

Although KineMaster doesn’t offer the square type videos for Instagram, it comes handy when you make videos for other platforms. – YouTube, Facebook and others.

Screenshot_2018-08-17-21-09-42 - Techgyst

The only downside of “KineMaster free version” is the watermark which says “KineMaster”.

But then, you get high quality output, up to 4K.

There are other options not fit for this blog post. You must understand that I speak of these because I use them.


At the time of writing this post, Techgyst is not in affiliation with any of these brands.

The sole purpose of this post is to show entrepreneurs who don’t have money for pro version of VivaVideo an alternative. This said, if you can afford the Pro Version, please buy it.

I hope you found this post useful. Hit the share button to share with your friends.

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