WhatsApp Business Conflict with main App (WhatsApp Messenger)

WhatsApp Business conflict with WhatsApp Messenger in notification count on the home screen and app drawer. We await fix in the next version, after the previous version disappointment.

A lot has been said about Facebook’s WhatsApp Business, a new app that’s dedicated to make communicating with clients easy. You in fact should download the app if you are an entrepreneur, and need a little automation.

Of all it’s features, the “Welcome message” and “Label” seems like the most useful to us. With the welcome message, new contacts are automatically received warmly, and with labels, we’ve categorised our contacts. WhatsApp Business labels are unlimited, as we’ve created so many of them already.

In actual sense, the label works in a similar way as grouping contacts by creating a broadcast list. But for convenience, WhatsApp Business label serves more.

WhatsApp Business Labels - Techgyst

With all these good WhatsApp Business features, and more which you will see later, you definitely expect bugs or some flaws. You must consider that this version is the first, and at that, flaws are inevitable.

WhatsApp Business conflict with main app (WhatsApp Messenger). See how.

After signing in two unique numbers to WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger, we realised that the notification counts on both apps were the same. We had about 128 messages on WhatsApp Business and non on the main WhatsApp, but both apps had the same notification counts. We weren’t sure what the cause is, but we think both apps share same Library.

WhatsApp Business conflict with main app (WhatsApp Messenger) - Techgyst

To clear things, we immediately wiped data for WhatsApp Messenger, reauthenticated the new number and had the exact issue again. At this point, we gave up and abandoned the WhatsApp Messenger, pending when the apps are updated.


Unfortunately, there’s no fix now. We wait for more updates from WhatsApp, since the latest version wasn’t a fix. If you must use both apps, prepare to see false notification count on your phone.

Meanwhile, if you do not have WhatsApp Business, here are Some cool features you are missing.

– Labels
– ‎Business info
– ‎Welcome message/ greeting messages
– ‎Quick reply
– ‎Away Message

WhatsApp Business Labels

As used in English, you can easily label or tag a contact. #client #delivered #pending order, and so on. With this, you know who you’ve served and who has paid. It doesn’t stop there.

WhatsApp Business Labels - Techgyst

Users (you) can create their own label to suit your business and delete the default labels that come with the app if you feel it’s crap. You can as well edit Labels.

WhatsApp Business Edit and Delete Label Option - Techgyst

The idea is flexibility. Each label has its unique colour. At this, we wonder how many colour combinations WhatsApp Business has.

Business Info

Another unique feature of WhatsApp Business we love. The stress of telling clients your location, URL (website address) and all is solved. With the business info, your timing and location is easily displayed for users or clients when they check your profile. This feature works just like Google my Business.

WhatsApp Business Business Info - Techgyst

For this reason, speculations are that WhatsApp borrowed the idea from Google.

As soon as a new client sends you a message, they automatically get a welcome message. To use this feature you must be active. That is, your data must be on. The message can be customised as you wish, but we simply edited the default for now. We shall change ours later.

To see a sample of what we mean, click “hello!”.

Apart from this, two other messages can be automated. Although useful, we feel the “Away message” is dumb, since it makes everyone feel like they are chatting with a Robot.

How WhatsApp Business Away Message works

If we drop our phone and attend to something else, when you send a message, you get an away message from us. See a screenshot of the *Away Message” we used.

Anyway, we are yet to write a generic message that won’t sound like a bot or a snub, or like an ignore!.

WhatsApp Business Quick Reply

The last on our plate is the the Quick reply. Please see a screenshot of how it works, as we really do not see the need for it. The message is triggered when you use the “forward slash” (/). We will update this post when we eventually use the Quick reply feature. Till then, that’s all for that.

WhatsApp Business Quick Reply - Techgyst

Please note these:

Before moving to WhatsApp Business, ensure you do a backup, as failure to do this will result to totally loss of your previous conversation.

How to perform a full Backup of your previous WhatsApp Sessions.

Click on the three dots at the top right of your screen >>Click on settings >>Click on chats >>Click on chat backup >>Click on the green button that says ‘Backup’ >>Then allow the app to do it’s thing.

For more assistance with your business and to join our tutorials, simply say “Hello to us” by clicking on “Hello!“.

Cheers… We hope you find this article useful.

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