The three discovered mistakes and remedies for failed Instagram feature.

The three discovered mistakes and remedies for failed Instagram feature.


Having paid a lot of money for advertisement on Instagram, Tade soon discovered some vital-bitter-truths. Tade discovered that having a lot of views and likes doesn’t transcend to money in his pocket.


Tade was advised to change the way he targeted and invest on copywriting. Being a ‘humble G’, Tade took this advice and paid a copywriter to write copies for him.


No doubt, there was return on his investment, but he wasn’t satisfied. The copywriter was making ‘sooooooo much’ money from him, he felt he was doing his business only to pay the copywriter.


As a ‘humble G’, he took another advice and contacted an influencer. The Instagram influencer he contacted equally ‘ate his’ money and disappeared.


But you really do not expect every story to end sadly. Do you?



Before we continue, see why influencer marketing is better than running Instagram advertisements.


To cut the whole thing short >>>>>>> The influencer who already has a lot of loyal followers has built trust over time and can sell anything to them.


You who is about to sell a similar product or service will simply tap into the influencer’s influence.


In the case of running advertisement, your forced audience still have doubt. They do not trust you. They see you as an “everyday scammer” who has come with a new trick.


Even your well written advert pass through serious “side eye”. Sometimes you don’t get any ROI – “return on investment”.




Tade was a lucky guy after all. He was smart this time. Smart enough to apply three nice tricks. These tricks got him huge ROI >>> return on investment <<<


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Soooo …what three tricks did Tade apply?  >>>>> Hold on a little, CHILLEX.


You definitely understand now that Instagram Advertisement aren’t the ultimate remedies for slow sales on Instagram. Especially for SMEs and entrepreneurs who do not have NGN 5,000.00 to splash for a massive post boost.


“Instagram advertisement sometimes do not pull desired crowd for your brand or business. For this reason, other options like influencer marketing is advised. – Matt Ndu


“…but a wrong Instagram feature is worse than a failed Instagram advertisement.”




Wrong Instagram features are slaps on a brand’s face. >>> Something I learnt and avoided. …the disappointment from my previous trials taught me good lesson. – Tade


The effect of a failed Instagram feature cannot be explained enough. Apart from low engagement, you lose money.



A good instance of this is getting 50 likes from a page that gets an average of 300 likes on their posts. <<< that’s for instances where the account owner doesn’t “eat your money and run”>>>


Tade was so kind, he took time to share some screenshots of pages with such failed feature.


…yes, people have complained that they paid for Instagram features but don’t see anything. The smart “Igbo guy” has eaten your money. (Please note, “Igbo guy” as used here is a general term for fraudsters in Nigeria).


For this reason, you must be careful when opting for an Instagram feature.


Tades screenshots comparing Instagram featured posts to real posts. Take note of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ differences.

 Failed Instagram Feature - The three discovered mistakes and remedies for failed Instagram feature. - Techgyst

The three discovered mistakes and remedies for failed Instagram feature by Tade are Highlighted and explained thus.


  1. Failing to know your audience.
  2. Checking wrong metrics.
  3. Not knowing the account owner granularly. …i.e not doing a background check on the account owner.


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1. Failure to know your audience as a business is the beginning of failure. You totally shoot at random hitting no duck and hurting yourself.


Look, if you must excel at a business, invest some time on knowing who you are out for.


For this reason, failing to know your audience is the first mistake you can ever make while choosing influencer.


… because you do not know who your audience are, “you will” pay for feature on a wrong page.


2. Checking vanity metrics

In case you do not know, likes and comments aren’t always the right metrics to check for. These metrics are referred to as vanity metrics.


Likes and comments are of no value if it does not translate to patronage … sales.


…but if your sole aim is “to get to the eyes of every Instagrammer” that’s nice. Even at that, you should go about this research “codedly”. >>>>> research to know if likes have translated to sales in any way.


3. Not knowing an account owner granularly.

… increases your chances of paying a fraudster your hard earned money.


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1. Know your audience and ensure there’s a direct relationship between them and the account you want to be featured on… This way, your post on that Instagram page doesn’t come out off.


Featuring a School database management software on Olamide or Davido’s pages is a no-brainer.


…you should post such on either a ”tech page for entrepreneurs or post it on a page dedicated to school owners. …or, you post that on a page dedicated to education.


… I strongly believe you understand my point on this previous recommendation.


>>> You should ensure that your tone and that of your desired influencer have something in common. <<<


“This said, your desired influencer must be relevant to your brand.”


2. Checking number of likes and comments is not all that is required when checking metrics. Because tones and objectives change, while checking engagement, you should take note of only recent posts.

There is over 85% chance that there has been a great shift of audience. i.e people who engaged on the previous post types have changed.


“That said, do not decide to feature on any page based on their previous posts.”


… also see if previous featured posts on the page got as much like as the original posts. Some original posts may have been promoted. >>> In this case, run away. <<<


3. Some accounts are built for fraudulent activities. The best accounts to feature on are accounts with real images of the account owner.


Apart from the user’s Instagram account, do a background check on Facebook, and other possible platforms.


…if the person maintains the same name and picture on these platforms, you are a step closer to having a trustworthy influencer.


… next, you go a step further by talking to the influencer casually, either via chat or via voice call. Do any of the aforementioned that soothes you.


While you have these “one-on-one conversations”, try as much as possible not to make your intention known.



Disclaimer: the steps in “recommendation 3” does not guarantee 100% that your influencer “won’t eat your money and run”. But no doubt, it eliminates the possibility by over 75%.



>>> In the end, your sure intelligence and intuition should guide you when it’s time to make payment for Instagram feature. >>> you should in fact make partial payment and balance up when post goes live.



Tade discovered and applied these tricks while deciding on pages for Instagram feature on. Now, Tade smiles to the bank to cash his virtual money in his world of sticks and stones.



What do you think of Tade’s intelligent three tricks?

…for us, they are awesome! A complete round up for even enthusiast …we bet you think the same too.

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