Tech Service Review – DoingSoon – An Event Discovery and Distribution Platform

DoingSoon is a ticketing company for events. Basically, they distribute and sell tickets for events. As a free add-on, they help event planners publicise events via their online On DoingSoon, users pay with local currency via Paystack, thus, eliminating stress encountered when using other platforms at 0 cost.

DoingSoon‘s professionally built responsive website allow users easily navigate through events based on categories and interest on their website. This way, in few clicks, users on DoingSoon can register for events and make payment easily with DoingSoons’s flexible payment system. Furthermore, the checkout and confirmation happens in few clicks.

DoingSoon Desktop View - Techgyst
DoingSoon Desktop View – Techgyst

Why Should I Buy Event Tickets Or Book Events Via DoingSoon?

1. Ease of Booking

The steps of registering for event on DoingSoon has been reduced to one, unlike other event booking platforms.

2. Payment Flexibility

On DoingSoon, users pay with local currency via Paystack, thus, eliminating stress encountered when using other platforms. This is unlike most event booking platforms.

“Take Eventbrite as an example, they don’t accept local currency for events created for Nigeria, which forces the organizers to request for bank transfer or link to external payment option like Paystack. Using external payment option literally creates additional problem of managing payments and attendees separately”. Shina Charles Memud

3. More Event Listing

DoingSoon - Events Category - Desktop View - Techgyst
Events Category

Other local platforms focus mainly on musical concerts, neglecting other events. Unlike other event booking platforms, Entrepreneurial, educational and similar other events are listed on DoingSoon.

4. Free Regular Alert on New Events

As a user, you get frequent updates on new events you choose to be updated on. As soon as you register for your first event, you are automatically added to DoingSoon’s list for updates. You can as well follow organisers to get notified of their new event.

Why Should I Use DoingSoon For My Next Event, What Exactly Are The Advantages?

1. Promotion for Paid Events

DoingSoon takes pain to help organizers promote their events to millions of Nigerians. They request nothing for this service, and promise to reach over a million people. In essence, organisers won’t have to invest time on social media and marketing to create awareness.

Note, only paid events gets promoted via their distribution channels.

2. Unlimited Custom Forms

Unlimited custom form to request additional information from your attendees, Eventbrite requires you to have a paid account to get this feature, local services don’t have this option at all. This creates limitations and forces organizers to use Google forms.

3. Free Campaign Design/Branding for Paid Events

DoingSoon offers campaign design and branding for paid events. So, event organisers don’t have to bother themselves with hiring a designer to design and brand their events.

4. Transparency

Doing Soon promises transparency, with a straight forward business model. They take only 10% of every ticket bought via their platform. At the closure of events, organisers get their money.

Is DoingSoon A Secure Platform For Event Registration? – What Makes It Secure? Who Is Your Security Provider?

One vital question people ask on the internet now is security. It in fact is a factor that determines if people register via a platform or not. The reason is, an unencrypted website exposes user data to hackers who surf daily for such vulnerabilities.

DoingSoon understands this and thus is secured with Let’s Encrypt for their website, and Paystack’s Security for Payment. This said, all information exchanged via DoingSoon (Card details during payment) is encrypted.

Let's Encrypt Home Page - Techgyst
Let’s Encrypt Home Page – Techgyst

DoingSoon Launch Date

DoingSoon was launched in December, 2017, with only free events hosted. The reason for this is to do a test run and make sure things work as planned. By January 2018, they will launch fully, with paid events. At the moment, they have about 10 organisers from various sectors including food and tech.

Who Are The Founders of DoingSoon?

Shina Charles Memud, and Ayo Bamidele are the brains behind DoingSoon. Shina Handles Designs and Development of the platform, while Ayo handles Marketing and Sales of their service.


How Can I Contact DoingSoon?

You can Contact DoingSoon on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram any day and time

Can I Book Events On My Mobile Phone?

Yes, sure. With their responsive website, you get the same user experience on both desktop and mobile phones. This enables users book tickets either in their office or on the go. In fact, we ran a test of the website on our mobile phone before trying it on our desktop.

DoingSoon Responsive Mobile view on Chrome - Techgyst
DoingSoon Responsive Mobile view on Chrome – Techgyst

Can I Use Operamini?

Opera mini and other mini browsers are not ideal for surfing the website because they do not fully support Java Script. To have a good experience on the website, we recommend Google Chrome by Google LLC. This is because the websites responsiveness is based on Java.

Is The Platform Secure Enough?

Since they are using Let’s Secure, a renowned website security provider, you are assured that your data and card details can’t be compromised.

Upon Event Cancellation, What Happens?

DoingSoon holds money paid until event ends, to protect the interest of their users (Attendees) from fraudulent or cancelled events.


DoingSoon is an event ticketing company located in Lagos. They offer free ticket promotion and distribution. From event organisers, they take only 10% of sales via their platform. DoingSoon accept payment via Paystack. For paid events, DoingSoon’s in-house designers take care of campaign designs and branding.

In a nutshell, event organisers would just plan their events and leave the promotion, and event ticket sales to DoingSoon.

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