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Getting social media influencers to talk about a startup has never been easy. This is majorly due to the inability of individuals to contact and communicate with social media influencers.

Some influencers use email and phone call filtering softwares and techniques to select and filter emails and phone calls. Their media managers are equally another hard nut to crack. They sometimes stand in the way like bouncers.

Since influencers guarantee great reach to targeted audience, their unintentional exemption from marketing and promotional option have hampered the efforts of entrepreneurs.

No doubt, an update by Funke Akindele and Emmanuel TV on Instagram reach more people than the promotions you will do on the said platforms.

A Nigerian marketing expert has successfully mapped out a strategy for breaking influencer filters, and account manager intentional hurdles, with the creation of Qwikkly.

What is Qwikkly?

A Nigerian service than connects brands to desired social media influencers on diverse platforms, who assist to promote brands on their social media accounts, building customer trust. Brands or private individuals are required to pay some amount of money for this service, which can be as low as 250NGN.

No doubt, the guaranteed reach per post is definitely going to be more, compared to a promoted post, based on the cost of promotion.

With the influencers account, you do not have any limitation to how many people will see your post or how long the advert will stay for.

Reasons why you should use

  • Affordable advert rates
  • Provide a wide range of platforms
  • Access to variety of influencers
  • No reach limit
  • No up-time duration
  • Influencer marketing builds trust, among others.

Affordable advert rates

Since Qwikkly have the interest of their clients at heart, and understand the cost of starting up a business, they promise affordable advert rates.

Think of it, What if you could validate your product idea by paying Emeka, N5,000 for a tweet about your offer to over 15,000 real twitter followers or Jessica N10,000 for a shout out on her Youtube channel with over 27,832 subscribers, 500,000 Views. – thread on Radar

You can choose packages from 3,000NGN to 10,000NGN, depending on your need, and desired social media platform.

Provide access to a wide range of platforms

According to studies, different social media platforms offer different targeted audience reach than others.

You will definitely use YouTube to promote a brand video which is more than one minute, and use Instagram for picture updates. This is practical and realistic, no doubt. Qwikkly recognises this and offers a wide range of social media platforms for brand owners to choose from. This is based on their product and service, among others.

Provides access to a wide range of influencers. provides a wide range of influencers for their brand and service. A comedy brand will definitely go with Mark Angels among others.

In other words, if you want Wizkid, and Wizkid is listed among influencers for that platform you chose, then Wizkid it is.

No uptime duration

Unlike promotion  social media platforms, influencers on Qwikkly will keep your tweet and post active.

This means your brand will stay permanently on the profiles of your desired influencer’s. This allows for future refernce.

No reach limit

It is no news that when you choose your desired package on social media platforms, you also agree to a number of people that will see your advert. This is termed reach.

On influencers profile, you get their maximum possible reach, no limits. In other words, if Funke Akindele gets 35,000 people engaging with her tweet you equally get that amount of tweet eng, not to talk of reach, which is the amount of people that saw your update. (No Obsession with Funke Akindele, She simply paints a clear picture).

Influencer marketing builds customer trust

Build Trust
Marketing with influencers eliminates doubts

Influencer Marketing builds customer trust – Qwikkly

No doubt, promoting your brand via Qwikkly is more feasible than via direct promotions on social media, based on advantages.

What’s in for influencers?

Do you have a great social media account? By great, do you have a huge follower base i.e 10,000 followers and more? If you do, you are an influencer.

Instagram influencers on qwikkly

You can make huge money from such account. A previous article – leveraging social media for revenue generation was sent to our newsletter subscribers, you can join this train by subscribing to our newsletter. We highlighted requirements for making huge amount of money from your social media account.

On Qwikkly, a 10K+ account owner can sign up and start making huge money. To start, send a message to Qwikkly, or send us a message for further assist you can read more on

Brain behind Qwikkly

This service was developed by Daniel Aribition and was launched on the 1st day of March 2017, with even more prospects than we see.

As a great service, Qwikkly has been featured on major tech websites in Nigeria. Here are snippets of what they are saying.

Considering evolution of advertising is radically changing, it is interesting that Qwikkly is leveraging the power of influencers in creating sales for clients. If anything, the business model offers some insight into how one can make money as an influencer. – Techpoint

His service; Qwikkly is taking advantage of the current trend – which is the evolving digital world. More means of advertsing are emerging for businesses, and the use of social-media influencers has been growing in Nigeria. So, we look forward to how Qwikkly would grow in the coming months. – TechMoron

Stop thinking hard, start leveraging. You have the power.

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