Six Questions On Startup Community Answered In 343 Words

Many answers about startup community leave readers confused because they are not concise. For this reason, we have answered these questions concisely in 343 words.

What are Startup communities?

In the words of Matt Ndu, a start-up community is a group of people who share interest, speak the same language and in most cases have common characters.

Startup community are communities designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs (Google for Entrepreneurs 2017).

Who Starts These Communities?

Startup founders design startup communities. They are community leaders.

Why Are Startup Communities Started?

Startup community are communities designed to educate, solve problems, share idea, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs (Google for Entrepreneurs 2017). Some more reasons are; to network, to find business partners, and solve common problems.

How Are Startup Communities Started?

There are two ways to start a community.

  1. Offline: This entails direct contact with people, having a discussion and then reaching an agreement to start a group. These friends will equally bring their friends to join the group. With time, more people will join the group and then it becomes a start-up community.
  2. Online: The online community works in a similar manner with the offline community. The only difference is, you will not have physical contact and conversation with the members.

Both communities are good. However, online communities are  flexible. A startup founder can call meetings  any time, regardless of weather, and location of group members.

When and Where Are Startup Communities Started?

Startup founders open startup communities anytime. One the founder has his aim and objective, he can start one.

A startup founder does not need a physical location to design a community, due to modern day technology.

WhatsApp group will do for an open community, although you must have strict rules. You can also use Facebook groups and explore other Social Networking sites.

Are There Requirements to Setup a Startup Community?

No, apart from a clear understanding of what your aims are. Without this, there won’t be a start-up community. Also, you need a bunch of people who share same interest with you.

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