Mobile Document Scanner scans documents in seconds

Our mobile phones do not leave our hands for ten minutes, that’s why many applications including mobile document scanner has found its way to our phones.

Just like other apps, the mobile document scanner is essential for business people who need to periodically scan and send documents to people. … colleagues, employees or business partners.

With mobile document scanners, you don’t need to wait until you get to your office or home office. You in fact can scan document and send them while you are in a bus or walking on the street.

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However, to use the mobile document scanners on your phone some requirements must be met.


Requirements to use a Mobile Document Scanner effective

In order to get best results, here are some basic requirements.

1. A Smartphone

Google Android or Apple iOS. Note that your android phone should have a minimum of 2MB or RAM (Random Access Memory).

If you use phones with small RAM, you might experience some lag while using applications, as many applications take up a lot of memory.

2. A 5 MP mobile phone camera

While we recommend 5 MP camera, you should ensure that your phone camera isn’t dusty or moisty. If you have blur images, document result after scanning won’t be usable.

Best practice in this case is to clean your camera lens with a clean soft cloth. – Truly, any cloth that free of dust or moisture is good.

3. Neat and clear document

Before taking pictures of pages, receipt … your document generally, be sure to clean every pencil mark that you’ve made.

Mobile Document Scanner scans documents in seconds

It’s a common practice with studious people to highlight some pages with pencil, or write quotes on the document. If you have such on your document, you should clean them off with an eraser… except of course, if you aren’t going to exactly raise text with from the document. – You can read this article to learn how to copy texts from books in four minutes and avoid typing all over.

Some mobile document scanners you should try

This list was not written in any order of preference.

Genius Scan+

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Genius Scan+ is a mobile document scanner in your pocket. It enables you to quickly scan documents on the go and share them as PDF or JPG. Its scanner technology corrects perspective and light to get quality scans.

Multi-page documents can be created quickly and shared by email or to the cloud. For instance, save your documents to SugarSync and make them available from everywhere.

With Genius Scan+ Mobile Scanner, more than 10 million users have already scanned their receipts, notes, or contracts.

Genius Scan integrates with Box, Dropbox, Evernote or any other cloud service app installed on your Android phone to let you export your scans wherever you want. The Genius Scan scanner technology includes smart page detection, perspective correction, and image post-processing.

Typically, when you take a photo of a picture, you are not perfectly aligned and the light is not perfect. Genius Scan takes care of that for you.

Genius scan will save you the cost of buying a brand new scanner and also improve the efficiency of your business.

This app can also work for students as well, you can scan your notes to the cloud and have easy access to them. With Genius scan you can expedite expenses and share your work with your colleagues or customers.

Genius scan also prevents unauthorized access to your documents with Touch ID or a pin code. Encrypt your PDF documents so that only your recipient can read them.


Key features of Genius Scan:

  1. Detects the page frame, crops it and corrects the perspective: you don’t need to take a perfect straight shot. Genius Scan will remove any unnecessary background
  2. Enhances the legibility of your document: black and white or color post-processing
  3. Batch scanning lets you quickly scan pages in a row
  4. Batch import from the gallery to import dozens of photos at a time
  5. Emails the scans as JPEG or PDF files
  6. Creates PDF documents with multiple pages
  7. Organizes your documents with titles, tags and powerful search
  8. Smart document names let you adapt Genius Scan to your workflow
  9. Exports the documents to Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Facebook, Google Drive, OneDrive (including Business accounts), OneNote, FTP, SugarSync, Twitter, WebDAV and lots more.
  10. Prints over AirPrint
  11. Shares document over Wi-Fi for easy access from your computer
  12. Documents are processed on the phone, not sent to a third-party server
  13. Protect your documents with Touch ID and encrypt PDF files with a password



Reasons why you should use Genius Scan+

Among others, here are some key reasons why you should use Genius Scan+ mobile scanner.

  1. Quickly scan any document anywhere, when you don’t have a scanner at hand
  2. Avoid buying an expensive scanner that you are never going to use
  3. Have your employees on the road send contracts, sales agreement to the headquarters immediately upon signature.
  4. Expedite expense reports by quickly creating a PDF with all your receipts and send them to Expensify
  5. Get rid of all your paper documents by archiving them to Dropbox
  6. Quickly scan a form you just printed when you don’t have a scanner
  7. Archive handwritten notes or share them with colleagues
  8. Save the perfect recipe after cooking
  9. Save handwritten memos, or book pages for future reference
  10. Share a good restaurant menu on Twitter


Genius Scan+ Download and setup information

To download Genius Scan+ mobile document scanner, go to your respective app store and search for “Genius Scan+”.

Alternatively, click on these download links


Abbyy FineScanner

Abby FineScanner - Techgyst

Abbyy FineScanner is a heavy-duty OCR engine stuffed into a compact and mobile package. It doesn’t offer niche scanning needs such as receipts, but then, it doesn’t promise to either.

ABBYY FineScanner turns your mobile device into a powerful all-purpose mobile document scanner & document manager that allows you to quickly capture images, creating electronic documents in PDF and JPG, and apply OCR to recognize texts for further editing and sharing.  Ideal for individuals, small business, government or school use – anytime, anywhere.

Key features of Abbyy FineScanner Mobile document Scanner

  1. Scan any printed or hand-written text anywhere and anytime.
  2. Recognize text (OCR) on scans in 44 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic, and CJK alphabets) and choose from among 12 output formats (docx, pdf, txt, and more), preserving the original document formatting such as lists, tables, and headers (Premium account and Internet required)
  3. Add a password for the image-only PDF file while exporting and sending via email (Premium Account required)
  4. Edit images (crop redundant background) directly from within Photos. Just select an image and run Extension!
  5. Easily make documents of any size: you can create, edit, and enhance separate images or large multi-page documents.
  6. Excellent visual quality guaranteed with automatic cropping of page boundaries and advanced image filters, which processes scans in color, greyscale or black-and-white versions.
  7. Best-shot photo mode automatically chooses and processes the best of three images captured.
  8. PDF and JPEG support: save and export scans to JPEG images and cross-platform PDF documents.
  9. Built-in file archiving: save results in a file archive with tags and in-app search capabilities.
  10. Multiple export destinations: send results by e-mail or to on-line services such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Yandex.Disk, Evernote or Facebook.
  11. Transfer documents directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes sharing.
  12. AirPrint support: print out scanned documents directly from your mobile device.



Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan II - Techgyst

Adobe Scan is an app to scan any document using the camera on your Android. With it you can convert any printed document into a PDF file and save it to your device’s memory or send it via any app. The scanning tool in Adobe Scan is simple and effective.

The only thing you have to do is focus on the document you want, take a second to scan it, and then try to keep the camera as still as possible. Automatically, without needing to tap any buttons, the app will recognize the document and scan it. Each time you scan a page, it will be added to your future PDF file.


Once you’re done scanning, all you have to do is finalize your PDF and check that everything is how you want it. You can reorder the pages as needed and make sure you didn’t accidentally miss one. You can also color-correct any of the pages or even convert the whole document to black and white.


Adobe Scan is an excellent document-scanning application that’s on the same level as the amazing CamScanner. All the documents you save with Adobe Scan will also be saved to your Adobe account.

By default, Adobe mobile document scanner automatically converts image text to real text via optical character recognition (OCR).

Adobe Scan - Techgyst

Adobe Scan features include:

  1. Create a scan with your device’s camera or from an image in your gallery
  2. Add images from your device
  3. Use text recognition to convert images to searchable text
  4. Reorder pages
  5. Crop pages
  6. Adjust the color
  7. Rotate pages
  8. Delete pages
  9. Share the scan with other apps and people.



Verdict and conclusion

There’s actually no downside of these apps. They deliver as promised, but before you start using any of the take some time to play around with them.

You can scan a couple of pages, then study how it works. Although they are simple, you need to familiarize yourself with them.

If our requirements and advice are taken, you may never have to use a real scanner to scan your documents anymore.

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