Most ideal accessory for receiving calls: Bluetooth headset

Having read and watched so many articles, news and videos, you should be convinced by now that receiving calls with the phone placed close to your head is wrong, and a serious risk. For this reason, bluetooth headset is most ideal.

Health fact

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The placement of phones close to your body and majorly your head exposes the body to radio waves, which are very harmful to the brain. It can lead to mutation, damage of brain cells and cancer. Although scientists are still trying hard to prove this, you do not want to be a victim.

The radio waves emitted from your mobile phone is at its peak when you make or receive a call. It is even multiplied when your battery is low or when signal is low, since the phone has to work extra hard to emit enough radio waves for clear calls on these occasions.

It has often times been said that exposure of the body to electromagnetic waves causes harm to your body tissues. The human brain is very sensitive, thus shouldn’t be exposed for even a second.

Today, we will share a wonderful tip. If you must receive long calls which are usually not emergency calls, you must adhere strictly to the following:

  1. Use a Bluetooth headset (hands-free)
  2. Use a wired headset (hands-free)

Just use a hands-free. Best recommendation is a Bluetooth headset.

Your Bluetooth headset is a simple hands-free that connects to your phone via Bluetooth radio wave. This allows for transmission of audio signals between the phone and the Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth headset functions basically like the microphone and earphone only – thus, allowing you to receive calls with the phone far away from you.

Receiving calls with a Bluetooth headset is ideal for long calls and it guarantees your safety and comfort.

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Reasons why Bluetooth headset is most preferred

  1. Bluetooth headsets allows you to receive calls without having your phone on you.
  2. They permits a longer distance from your phone, compared to a wired headset or earphone.
  3. It is safe and doesn’t emit harmful electromagnet waves.
  4. Multi tasking is  permitted – i allows you to concentrate on other things while receiving a call.
  5. Above all, it is a hands-free and every advantage you can think of applies.
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While buying a Bluetooth headset, ensure to buy headsets with wide range, and are of the latest Bluetooth version – preferably version 3.0 and version 4.0.

Where to buy

Ensure you do not buy from hawkers and street traders; this is because most of them sell inferior goods.

Remember; stay safe, live smarter. Convenience is key but your health is paramount.

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