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The biggest challenge entrepreneurs face is getting customers. But it doesn’t stop there. Most successful entrepreneurs are successful because they had support from friends, family, and colleagues. These colleagues did not just come by chance, they came as a result of interaction and proper introduction.

When you introduce yourself to people at social gatherings, telling them exactly what you do, they buy in. That is, they buy into your idea, and are compelled to support you. This support comes in various forms.

Support Can Come From People As:

  • Donation
  • Publicity
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Share of influence
  • Free tips, ideas, and experience in their fields.

Without conversation with people you cannot tap into these aforementioned support. This said, whenever you have the opportunity to spread words about your entrepreneurship, you must seize it.

Your ability to convince one person does more than you can ever think. Now imagine convincing a crowd. If you think you can conquer the world alone, that’s good. But remember, it’s a gradual process. Nobody started-off big. In fact, it’s an illusion.

You can get featured on Techgyst as an organisation

Techgyst | for Entrepreneurs’ Offer to You

We have been faced with this challenge and in fact, still battle it. What Challenge? The challenge of getting words out about what we do. For this reason, we have decided to assist entrepreneurs who leverage tech for their business. It doesn’t matter if it’s for only customer acquisition or tracking delivery, or whatever. Since you leverage tech in its little way, we are determined to help you.

How Do We Wish to Achieve This?

On our website, there is a section titled “Our Entrepreneurs” this section is dedicated to publicizing news and information about entrepreneurs. Their niche, strength, milestones, challenges, and how they have managed these challenges so far.

When you sign up, our team of writers carefully re-write your story, make it more articulate and compelling. You might call it a mini pitch, yes!

After this has been done, we will mail you, and publish the post only after your approval.

Is This a Pitch?

No, it is not. It is a publication about you to the world.

Who Gets to See My profile If I Get Featured On Techgyst?

Everybody sees this. There is no limit, whatsoever. If you load our website, and navigate to “our entrepreneurs”, or find it as featured post, you read it.

More for You?

Can you remember all the stress it took you to tell people about your entrepreneurship? Yes? Well, you won’t ever have to go through all that anymore. All techpreneurs (people who leverage tech) are smart. You simply copy the unique link to your profile on our website, and share whenever you need it.

Are You Trying to Get More Page Views and Rank Well On Google?

Gradual process
Gradual process Source: Google Images

Yes. It’s a win-win situation. Remember, the more views we get on our website, the more exposure you get too.

What Am I Required to Do to Get Featured On Techgyst?

You are required to simply

  1. Fill the form below,
  2. Bookmark your page when the post is published, and
  3. Share with your friends via your social networks.

If You Have a Twitter Page, Instagram Page, And Facebook Page Just Like Matt Ndu;

Matt Ndu's Profile with Techgyst as URL in bio
Matt Ndu’s Profile with Techgyst as URL in bio

You simply input this unique link in your bio under website.

If You Have a Professional Profile, Say Linkedin

You can equally add this link to your professional profile on Linkedin. It only makes things better for you. Your client has more to see than just your portfolio or short profile. Remember that images, and links to your videos can also be added.

Can I Include My Unique Link In My Portfolio?

Yes! Include your profile Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to your portfolio. Let that client know your strength. This increases your value before a meeting.

Like we said, it’s a win-win. There is no limit to who and what you can use your unique link for.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Other One-Page Websites?

Truth is, you should. But then, more profile on more websites equals more publicity. Remember, you can add all these profile links to other profile pages you have.

Be Smart. Be Super Smart. Think Like the Successful. Get Featured On Techgyst.

Think like the successul

Most successful people are smart. They look on the bright side. They seize opportunities, regardless of magnitude. Our advice to you is to do the same. Spend only five minutes on a form, enjoy a lifetime access to our readers and gain exposure.

What did we miss? More value for you!

Periodically, we get requests from firms on our SNS for exclusive services. You stand the chance of getting these jobs when people send requests.

We will simply send a list of people who can handle the job to these organisations. All for free. Remember, your profile will speak for you while you are sleeping or engaged with business.

So who are you and what’s your industry? Don’t waste time, fill the form below, tell the world today!

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