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Get featured on Techgyst as an organisation, for people to know your service and product. Thus, add value to lives and increase sales. Join few other startups who get frequent patronage.

In Nigeria, there exist many startups rendering numerous unique services and manufacturing various products. Unfortunately, only few people know of these startups, and only a handful know the importance of their services. Without proper communication of product and service importance, there will be low patronage. This said, if you must get clients to patronise you, you must clearly communicate your service to them.

The best way to communicate your service or product to a large group of people is by pitching. The same goes with getting investors. But then, you don’t always have opportunity to pitch directly to them considering various constraints.

These constraints are:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Audience
  • Influence

Since you don’t have ample supply of the aforementioned, alternatives to direct conversation must be utilised. For this reason, Techgyst is offering to assist you reach more audience via our web platform and social networks.

If you are an Entrepreneur and not a business or an organisation, read this post.

Techgyst’s Offer to You

As an organisation who has studied the Nigerian startup ecosystem, we understand that low patronage is due to limited access to clients. A marketing enthusiast Daniel Aribiton affirmed this by stating that “90% of Businesses fail because of lack of customers, users or active sales”. The only way to acquire customers is by letting them know you exist, and convincing them to patronise you. Hence, we have decided to spread words about your startup.

How Do We Wish to Achieve This?

There exists a section “Tech Services and Products” on our website dedicated to publicising news and information about startups. Their New products, its detailed spec, how-to, and challenges it solves.

Upon completion of the form below, we will write a detailed post for your product or service. This can come as a review, or startup profiling.

Who Gets to See This after I get featured on Techgyst as an organisation?

Everybody sees this. There is no limit, whatsoever. If you load our website, and navigate to “Tech Products and Services”, or find it featured, you read it.

Apart from audience on our website, you also get a shoutout on our social media platforms.

More for You?

Can you remember all the stress it took you to tell people about your business? Yes? Well, you won’t ever have to go through all that anymore. You simply copy the unique link to your post on our website, and share whenever you need it.

What Am I Required to Do to get featured on Techgyst as an organisation?

You are required to simply:

  1. Fill the form below,
  2. Bookmark your page when the post is published, and
  3. Share with your clients via your social networks.

In a Nutshell

1. Your page speaks for you any day and time

When you are featured on our website, you won’t have to say much to your prospects. Your post on our website will do the speaking for you, since all they need to know about your brand, product or service will be detailed. The purpose is to reduce time spent explaining same things over and over again.

2. You can use this page as you want

3. Enjoy a lifetime opportunity of access to our ever growing readers.

As our readers increase, so does your audience. That said, if tomorrow we have 50,000 daily views, you have access to that audience. 

4. Your page stays up for life; what this means is, we will not delete this post except you ask us to.

5. You get a free shout-out to our followers on all our social media account, where we have over 1,500 followers.

6. If you don’t have an active website

You can include your page link to your adverts on any platform.  You can include your unique URL to adverts so clients can get details about your product.

7. Evergreen backlink

Getting featured on Techgyst as an organisation and including a link to your website increases your authority on the web. If you own a website already, you understand the importance of referrals and backlinks for SEO. We don’t care how much backlinks your page will have; all we care about is keeping your page active.

Not and Organisation? Get Featured On Techgyst Today as An Entrepreneur

Requirements to get featured on Techgyst as an organisation

Off you, we require:

  1. That your business has ran for about two months, and
  2. You must have completed at least two deals, with prove (picture and videos) – these pictures will be used in your post, and for promotions on our social media pages, nothing more.
  3. That you have social media accounts where people can check you and verify information we share.
  4. That you strongly leverage tech.


For SEO reasons, you are required to give tangible reasons before we delete posts. We equally own the right to review terms and policies when necessary. New terms and policies will be communicated to you.

We own the right to choose “what to” and “what not to” publish. This said, your response will be carefully vetted and verified before we publish. This doesn’t mean you won’t get possible support from us.

We own our website and have total right over everything published on it.

Not an Organisation? Get featured today as an entrepreneur

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