Entrepreneur Profile: Faith Kuyet Ishaya – CEO Kaya Girl

Faith Kuyet Ishaya, CEO of Kaya Girl, an online store where unique, trendy and classy fashion accessories are sold.

Kaya Girl helps her clients get unique fashion pieces regardless of their budget or spending power.

Apart from her business, she also spends time sharing her thoughts via her Instagram page and her blog.


Kaya Girl Inspiration

Faith Kuyet Ishaya was inspired to start her online store (Kaya girls) because of bad experiences she has witnessed.

She further explained by saying “I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences with online businesses which steered up the thirst to start one of my own. My aim is to change people’s perception concerning online shopping in Nigeria.


Her intention is to prove that online sellers are not all scammers and that most of them deliver products exactly as they are displayed.


At Kaya Girl, Faith Kuyet Ishaya offers 100% money back for every good returned as received. Their money back policy also applies for clothes that were different when delivered.

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Tech leverage and challenges

Kaya Girl is an online store with most of its presence on Instagram and Facebook. Faith Kuyet Ishaya uses these platforms because they allow her share photos and videos of her stocks. She also uses WhatsApp for her customer relations.

So far, the experience has been good. From the platforms she uses, apart from sales, she has gathered experience and a great deal of knowledge.

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 Faith Kuyet Ishaya’ major challenges

Apart from time which is expensive, and everyone’s enemy, electricity and funds has been her major constraint.

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The three discovered mistakes and remedies for failed Instagram feature.

You can shop while in a meeting. Use ICT and its numerous options, call Kaya Girl today. – Matt Ndu

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