Coworking space in Lagos: Benefits you should know

What do you think the benefits of Coworking space in Lagos are? … Or you’ve not thought of that yet?

In a bit, you will see that among what you think, there are 8 benefits of coworking space in Lagos you don’t know. After which, we believe you will embrace the idea of co-working space and immediately start using one close to you.

Before you learn what we have, lets paint a scenario and tell you a short story.

To understand this 21st century, there is need to go to the days when a coin is worth more than the current Naira; where having a respectable, legal paid job means staying in a “Self-contained” typical office.

We are however, in a new era where beliefs, traditional orientations have been upgraded, updated and changed to suit the people of this 21st century. All thanks to technological advancements and scientific efficiencies.


A legal business man has to leave home very early and return(late) at night- like it’s the norms in Ipinle Eko!, missing dinner if possible.

Can you strike that?

I am currently in “luck” of a job, because my siblings still worship that traditional belief which holds ideally that a legal business man has to leave home very early and return (late) at night- like it’s the norms in Ipinle Eko!, missing dinner if possible. When I could be making more sufficient, legal amount of money working at home without all the stress of an employer job.

So, for a typical Nigerian or African, work-at-home is not a serious business: which I believe is why self-independent workers and freelancers find a place totally different from the home to work. Hence, the invention of “Co-working” originally termed; “coworking” (to describe people working together in any environment).

Co-working is the style of work that involves two or more people using, sharing or jointly, mutually using a portion of an office space that has been physically divided with each individual or collaborative group using(renting) a space to carry out his/her own independent activities (freelance writers, designers, etc.) and research (scientists), etc.

Note that sometimes, co-workers are colleagues from the same organization or company but most importantly Office space sellers target Freelancers’.

Lagos state is one of the few places in Nigeria where Coworking is rampant; a “why” that can be answered apart from the fact that Lagos state is a business hub. A state that has some of the country’s largest, leading and top notch companies if not possessing the highest number of such companies.

For these reason, people use coworking spaces in Lagos to


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1. Eliminate distraction

Distraction at home - 8 Benefits of co-working space in Lagos

One of the things work-at-home individuals and self-independent entrepreneurs face is distraction from family members, friends, neighbors, mosques and churches, and the rest of them. Therefore, the need to find a less distracting; quiet and creatively supporting environment. This need for escape, has resulted in many paying for a space shared with other people to aid creativity and research.


2. Reduced cost of staffing and production

Also, co-working in a Nigerian state like Lagos helps to reduce the cost of production, staffing including effectively maintaining a business, company or organization. Co-working helps to locate a business in a profitable environment with less cost that would have been required to build one in the absence of shared spaces to occupy.


3. Benefit from a ready networking opportunity

Ready networking opportunity - 8 benefits of co-working space in Lagos

Co-working eliminates isolation for freelancers. Co-working helps them to work in the midst of people who share the same value with them. This also aids in networking in attempt to promoting their businesses and services.


4. Find and leverage Symbiotic relationships

Co-working is a symbiotic style of work in the sense that everyone; freelancers, businesses, company or organization benefits from one another. A bank located in the same building, shared office or space as a mall will enjoy more bank or ATM transactions than others miles away from it.


5. Seek some level of privacy – almost similar to number  1

Privacy - 8 benefits of co-working space in Lagos

Co-working also serves as a better alternative to working in restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs, etc.

6 Spend less due to low rental cost

Coworking spaces also serves as a great space or office for online marketing and Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) to carry out effectively their startup businesses at an affordable price – which then foster rapidly growing start up community. Especially in a state like Lagos where the youths are developing more interest in online marketing businesses and self-independent startups.

7. Gain access to facilities and Complementary services

Most companies, businesses and SMEs are involved in the style of shared offices or co-working. The space, equipment and facilities they can enjoy when they can’t make such available is the main attraction.


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8. Collaborate with people on projects, and seek healthy assistance when needed

Collaboration - 8 Benefits of co-working space in Lagos

Large corporations, companies, organization often use “co-working” when they have a great deal of people involved in a project. And as a result, have exhausted the spaces available in their respective companies or for board meetings and conferences.

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What truly defines a coworking space are facilities and features like

1. Shared work spaces

2. 24/7 access to the office or work space

3. Wi-Fi

4. Communal printers/copiers/fax

5. Shared kitchens, reception, receptionist, restroom and lounges, delivery service, and lots more (depending on business requirments and personal preference.

Verdict and conclusion

It might interest you to know that it is wise to check options before splashing some money on coworking space. Reason being that, if your income is not equal to your expenditure, over time you will run at a loss. And the idea of working in a serene  environment is defeated.

That is why you find some disciplined freelancers making way more money than most startups who rent coworking spaces in Lagos.

I hope this post went well with you.

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