Copy Texts From Books In 4 Minutes With Text Fairy

Text fairy plays a huge role when we need to “lazy raise” texts from prints and screenshots. The app has been lying in our phone for some time now. In seconds, the application enables us raise huge chunks of text from books.

Optical Character Readers (OCR) are machines that optically copies text from prints and convert them to soft copies for formatting. It saves your time spent on typing words from a text book. Mobile OCRs are hard to come by hence, Text fairy is a must have if you need to raise texts from print medias.

On Google Playstore, Text fairy is most preferred, because it is accurate, easy to use and free of ads.

Text fairy works offline; users only need to install the stand alone application and be rest assured that all their documents won’t be going to an anonymous server for processing.

What Text fairy can do:

  • convert an image into text
  • correct the view point of an image
  • edit extracted text
  • copy extracted text into the clipboard for use in other apps
  • convert the scanned page into PDF
  • recognise printed text from over 50 languages
Text fairy featured image
Text fairy
Image source: Swap My App

As stated earlier, you need to take sharp images with good lighting for best results. If your image is blur or of poor quality, you will be required to re-snap your pages.

What Text fairy can’t do:

  • it cannot read handwriting

What makes Text fairy amazing?

  • Processes images offline; You do not need an active internet connection to use the application.
  • It does not send anonymous data to a server
  • does not require an active internet connection
  • no ads
  • no in app purchases
  • The app is totally free for all; no subscription is required. You use it for life.
  • easy to use
  • Requires little or no prior knowledge; tech savvy or not, just basic literacy is required to use the application.

Read about Optical Character Readers (OCR)

Brain behind Text fairy

Text fairy was designed by Renard Wellnitz, a passionate expert for all things related to Android, who has worked on more than 7 successful apps, and now is increasing your productivity with this one.

Renard - Developer of Text Fairy
Renard Wellnitz – Developer of Text Fairy
Source: Google Images

Where to download

Download from Google Playstore for android users and iStore for iPhone users


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