All You Need to Self-Deliver Goods in Lagos

If you must, here is all you need to self-deliver goods in Lagos. With this simple guide, all your self-deliveries will be successful at a relatively low cost, with nothing going south.

Sometimes, you need to self-deliver goods to your clients, due to reasons like

  • Courier service disappointment,
  • Need to get direct feedback,
  • The need to build direct relationship with your clients,
  • to get nonphysical data from your clients and,
  • Lack of funds for courier service.

At this point, you face a challenge of how to reach your clients, receive payment and interact with them. Of all these challenges the two most difficult to tackle is:

  • means to reach your clients, and
  • ways to accept payment, if not cash.

Below is a detailed explanation of all you need to self-deliver goods in Lagos

With these, you may be tempted to self-deliver goods more often than ever. You also avoid mistakes which would lead to extra cost of delivery.

Google Map

Google Maps - Techgyst

The first tool you need to self-deliver goods in Lagos is Google Maps. This map from the name is designed by Google LLC, and has the highest accuracy. It is trusted by many people, even Uber drivers use Google Maps to find their way. Nobody has a complete mental map of Lagos, thus the importance of this app.

With Google Maps, you can key in the location of your client and search for direction from your location. in few seconds, Google Maps will show different routes from your office to your client’s house or location. From here, you are required to choose your most preferred route.

Apart from showing you routes, Google Maps will equally give you an estimate of how long your trip will take.

Direction and estimates on Mobile - Techgyst All You Need to Self-Deliver Goods in Lagos

These estimates are usually not always correct in Lagos, due to rough attitude of Lagos road users.

Direction and estimates on desktop

The beauty of Google Maps, you can use Google maps on your desktop and mobile phones, regardless of platform (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.).

Google Maps on Mobile - Techgyst

Download Links

iTunes | Google Playstore

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Street Smart

In case you don’t know, Street smart means having the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment. This definition is according to WordWeb (2018). “The experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment” – Google

You need to be street smart in order to make decisions on where, how when and even, who to ask for direction. Google Map won’t give you in-depth directions, but road users, and residents will have this key info. Sometimes, Google Maps might slightly mislead you. The reason for this is, street names supplied to Google might not be the same with what people call it.

Apart from this, you do not want transport workers (bus conductors and drivers) to cheat. If you aren’t street smart, they will cheat you.

Google Street View

Google Street View - Techgyst

The third tool you need to self-deliver goods in Lagos is Google LLC Street View app. This app shows you a street exactly how it is. In other words, you can see a client’s house before reaching. It allows you to easily spot your client’s house with or without the house number specified. You simply ask them to confirm their house by sending pictures (screenshot).

The app is as easy as Google Map. To use it, simply do the following:

  • key in the address of your client,
  • scroll and find the house or office you are going to.

Download Links

iTunes | Google Playstore


One core courier service is acceptance of payment on delivery. When you choose to self-deliver goods, you must think of how to accept payment. The very known means is via POS portable device.

POS machine - Techgyst

These devices are small enough to fit into any backpack with goods. POS machines are easy to acquire. But if you do not have access to a POS device, you can also use Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

The down side of  USSD is, you have to teach your clients how to use it. Apart from that, since some people do not have internet banking activated on their account, USSD may not work.

PayStack, and Paypal are third means of receiving payment. Although, they require You to have a website.For this, you simply load your website, and clients pay online via the aforementioned payment platforms.

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A Welcoming Attitude

Apart from delivering goods, delivery guys always have a welcoming attitude, since they are the face of thier organisation. Their warm attitude towards your clients increases the chances for them to patronise you in the future.

In other words, for this position, you must leave your worries at your desk, before going to deliver goods. It will be bad to give your clients a negative impression about your company.

If you find this difficult to do, think of something pleasant that has happened in your life that week. To make your smile original, listen to your favourite music, if possible, dance a little and you are good to go. If the aforementioned don’t lift your spirit, watch vines, skits or anything funny.

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