9 Most Considered Factors When Hiring Delivery Service

Reaching conclusion on Ideal Delivery Service for your product distribution can be difficult. With this 9 factors explained, you can make decisions easily.

Product delivery, and customer relationship marks the final stage of manufacture. Thus, business owners must pay close attention to the way their goods are served to their customers.

If delivery goes bad, and customer relation soiled, business will be hurt, and possibility of future patronage will reduce. For these reasons, every business owner must pay attention to these nine factors when deliberating on delivery services to use.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Delivery Service

1. Speed:  How fast do they operate? Speed of Light or snail?

Fast Delivery Service
Fast Delivery Service

How soon does your customer need your product? In a day, how many dispatch leave your delivery firm? How fast are their agents? What is their past record? How many delivery personnel do they have?

When deciding on Delivery Services, you must put the above into serious consideration. Some orders are very urgent and thus, must get to your customers as soon as possible. Does your dispatch firm have express service? If they do, how fast are they? If you sell spare parts, and have a stranded client, will your delivery firm meet up?

These are factors to consider when choosing dispatch firms based on speed.

2. Handling: Delicate goods requires careful handling. Are your agents careful enough?

The nature of your product greatly influences this factor. If you sell very delicate products like food (cake, and liquid products with gas), you should use careful dispatch services. If your product is poorly handled, it will get spoilt. Your disappointed client won’t trust your service and thus, sought your competitor’s.

Your delivery agent’s act of carelessness will cost you a customer who you’ve spent a fortune convincing. You must be meticulous.

3. Payment Method:  Choose delivery service that can take payment for you if need be.

Although most services require that clients pay before goods are delivered, some still receive payment on delivery. In a case of payment on delivery, you must make sure your agent has capacity to accept payments. Some Dispatch companies do not accept payment for security reasons. If payments are made on delivery, you must use delivery services with the capacity to receive payment for you.

4. Reliability:  You must use reliable agents. Can your agent do as you agreed?

It’s disheartening when promises to clients are broken because of unreliability of dispatch firms. It makes you look stupid and unserious.

You won’t know if a dispatch firm is reliable without first-hand experience. Read reviews and opinions of people online to make decisions on this case. You can try forums like Nairaland for comments or start a topic.

5. Customer Relationship: Be sure your agent won’t cause problem between you and your customer.

Keeping your customers requires you maintain good relationship with them. Since you will be represented by these agents, its advisable to use agents who relate well with customers.

6. Service Reach: Consider the coverage of each delivery service. Can they reach that customer in the desert?

Service Reach
Service Reach – Can they reach unaccessible places?

All delivery services have specific locations they cover. Some have capacity to reach rural areas, while others don’t. A careful consideration of this factor would help reach decisions.

7. Ease of Contact: Your delivery agent must be easily reachable at all time. 

Production is incomplete if your good doesn’t get to its consumer. To deliver goods promptly, your delivery agents must be easily reachable to make the delivery.

Any delivery services with numerous ways to contact them are great in this case. If one method of contact goes bad, the other won’t.

8. Feedback: Can they give feedback as sent by customers?

You must use delivery services that can take feedback from your customers. An implication of this is reduction in your chances to satisfy your customers.

9. Cost: The first eight factors influence price.

A delivery service that offers those eight services properly will cost a lot. However, some delivery services allow you to choose from the above packages and thus charge you base on them.


10. Style

You need to ensure that your delivery firm has some style, for some areas.


You must consider location of your customers and nature of your product when choosing delivery services. For customers at rural area, its best to choose delivery services from that area. Their familiarity with the area would reduce cost of delivery.

Also, read reviews online. These reviews will help you make proper decisions based on the factors listed above.

Delivery services with many features cost more, you should use only features you need to save cost.

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