5 Ways Google Keep Will Change Your Life As An Entrepreneur

Digital note taking only gets better with Google Keep, making it possible for Entrepreneurs to capture everything on their mind.

Entrepreneurs are know for round the clock thoughts, they even envision themselves in their dreams doing stuffs.

For such great minds, the best tool to keep thoughts organised and available for future is Google keep.

How will Google Keep change your life?

1. Turn notes into reminders with Google Keep

After taking notes, either in picture, text or doodled, Google Keep allows you to set them as reminders.

So, if you doodle a cake because you can’t type cake at the moment, you can set it a reminder.

Capture Your Though In Any Format
Capture Your Though In Any Format

Apart from that, you can snap objects, road signs and set them as reminders. They speak to you even more.

You don’t always have to type everything. You simply record audio, take pictures or doodle and convert them to reminders. These are even more relatable compared to text.

Doodle in Google Keep
Doodle in Google Keep, Make Your Drawing A Reminder.

2. ‎Google Keep Organises your notes

As an Entrepreneur, there are more than one thing you are into. Although, people have advised against this, others think it’s cool.

Whatever the case may be, with Google keep you can organise your notes.

Stay Organised
Stay Organised, Find Notes Easily With Categories. Source: Google Images

You can categorise posts into Church/Mosque, Family, Business, Others.

Notes you take will automatically be categorised when you use #church #mosque #family #yourbusinessname #others anywhere in the note.

This said, you don’t manually have to select categories before taking notes.

As soon as you get the impulse for an idea, put it down in Google Keep and categorise it with #yourbusiness

3. ‎Make check lists to ensure you do things as planned after reminders

Create Check List
Create Check List on Google Keep

4. ‎Your note in every device, every time, even on PC

With your devices connected to your Google account, and the Google Keep app installed in your devices, you can take your Keeps anywhere.

If you were writing a note in your home device, and you rush out to pick your kids from school, with your other device in the car, you can continue from where you left.

Google Keep on PC
Google Keep on PC. Carry Your Notes Everywhere You Go. Source: Google Images

You can equally View And Edit Your Keeps on Your PC

5. ‎Google Keep is free for all

You don’t need to pay, or subscribe, or remove ads like some other digital note taking apps. In other words, you save some money.


Since Google Apps are free of adverts, you won’t waste money on subscriptions.

Also, the note taking features, including location based reminders will help you stay organised.

Google Keep will ensure you capture moments as they are with either voice, text, doodles and location.

Where to download

Download From Google Play Store or from iTunes 

Remember, One Google Account, All of Google.

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