3 Ways To Avoid Breaking Phone Screens

Many people find it difficult to Avoid breaking phone screens, it has in fact, become a norm to find people with broken or cracked screens.

To properly understand how this happenes, we reached a generalisation.

The generalisations are:

1. Dropping of the phone

Most times phone drop from our hands or from a raised platform accidentally, leading to a crack or shatter of the screen, rendering it in most cases, useless. Of course, there is a simple solution to it. People buy pouch or similar things to keep the phones from breaking when it falls, but what happens when you don’t have the pouch on? There are still some falls with impacts that cannot be reduced even with the phone pouch on. Imagine a phone dropping from three story building without interference, now that’s a good example of a fall.

Broken scren from fall - Techgyst
Broken scren from fall – Techgyst Avoid breaking those delicate phone screens

2. Sitting on it accidentally

Many cases of broken screen is as a result of careless phone drop. Another major one is sitting on the phone accidentally. This is common with guys who love putting their phones in their back pockets, they forget to remove it and then sit on it.

Truth be told, if you put your phones in your back pocket, you have the luxury of having other things in the front pocket but then, you will be at the risk of sitting on the phone later. Girls are no exception, their habit is wearing tight trousers and stuffing phones into their back pockets.

Some people can be very lucky and end up with just a broken glass, some others can be luckier and get a shattered screen. You obviously can’t be lucky twice. Well, it depends on the trouser, weight of the person and lastly the hardness of the surface.

Phone in front pocket wrong - Techgyst
Phone in front pocket wrong Avoid breaking those delicate phone screens

3. Collision

This one is rare but then, it is a reason for shattered screens. Have you brought out your phone from your pocket to discover that your screen is broken? Well, you bumped into something or someone and your phone took the hit. Walking along a crowded corridor increases your chances of collision with people, sometimes they might be carrying heavy metallic objects in their bags or wear metallic accessories – even a heavy wrist watch can break your screen with a hard hit. This reminds me of movies where small alcohol flasks take the bullet. Anyway, that’s it.

No matter what your reasons are, it must fall under the above generalisations. If you think it doesn’t, comment below or write us.

Here is what you can do to avoid breaking your screens.

At Techgyst, we have compiled a list of everything you must do to avoid breaking that delicate screen and glass. No matter what you do, glass remains glass. You can never have a phone screen that won’t break, at least, not yet. Unless you want a 50mm thick screen glass.

Dropped iphone - Techgyst
Dropped iphone – Techgyst

1. For the first generalization (dropping the phone)

Always keep your phone on a stable platform, and a platform not too high. Keeping phones on stable platforms like your table or bed reduces the risk of it falling off, if you also keep it close to the floor, when it falls, the impact will be reduced greatly, since it is already close, compare to when it falls from a raised or high platform, say a kitchen cabinet or cupboard. You can equally imagine the sound of the screen break right?

Using a pouch is a good idea but you must use a thick one and if possible avoid plastic pouch, the rubber pouch bounces when it drops but the plastic pouch doesn’t. Using glass screen guard is cool but it does not guarantee anything. You must always keep the phone in your pocket or bag when you are not using it.

2. Sitting on it accidentally

We know how cool it is to have your phone at your back pocket, especially for girls, it’s like a show off – of your new Samsung or iPhone or HTC or whatever phone you just bought, always try hard to always have your phone in your front pocket and not at your back pocket. And if it must be at your back pocket, be careful not to sit on it accidentally. And when you do, call TechGyst help desk.

3. For collisions

(Un)Fortunately, you can’t walk on the street or road without bumping into someone. Even robots bump into objects. Therefore, even if you try mimicking a robot to avoid people, another robot that has the same program as you will bump into you. You might even walk through a tight corner and hit objects on the road.  You could even fall face flat in an untidy room.

The simple solution is putting your phones face-in, in your pocket. This way, when you bump into someone, the back of your phone gets the hit while the screen stays safe resting against your skin.

Phone face-in, in pocket - Techgyst
Phone face-in, in pocket – Techgyst Avoid breaking those delicate phone screens Source: Latropedia

You will also like to have a small bag, where all your devices will be kept, including your power bank – for convenience and safety sake. Now that sounds like people’s name. “convenience and safety”

Sometimes things happen, especially when we least expect them – when you break your screen and need to get it properly fixed, call Techgyst help desk.

If you know other ways to save screens and reduce population of people that cry about broken screens, comment other measures, help others. Feel free to send us a message.

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