2 Digital Business Card Holders We Find Fascinating

After an incredible meetup, you should use these digital business card holders to ensure business cards don’t miss. These digital business card holders will keep your cards safe and available on all your devices.

It has happened severally that people misplace business cards after a meetup. These business cards are intended to ensure a second conversation with someone you share interest with. For strict business meetings, having someone’s personal business card gives you chance for partnership or assistance from influencers.

To ensure you don’t ever misplace business cards, by saving them digitally, you should use these digital business card holders. They are available on both Android, Windows and iOS powered smartphones.

2 Digital Business Card Holders You Should Try

1. CamCard (Free and Business)

According to The New York Times, this digital business card holder brings order to the chaos of Business cards. Business cards just jumps into your phones (CBS TV). Life Hacker, TechCrunch and BBC

CamCard Business Card Free- Desktop screenshot
CamCard Business Card Free- Desktop Screenshot

CamCard allows you to add notes and reminders so you don’t miss events. It also allows you to access contact information across multiple devices.

CamCard is easy to use, all that’s required is a portrait or landscape picture of the business card, properly taken. The application scans and processes data with its built in Optical Character Reader (OCR) engine.

CamCard Business Card
CamCard Business Card Image Source: Google Images

This business card has both paid and free version. On the free version, you can scan up to 200 business cards only. The paid version allows you to save over 200 business cards, and share this cards with your co-workers. It also allows you to browse a company’s information on the web, equipping you for a conversation.

CamCard Business is a centralised business card database management solution for any scales of business, trusted by 2000,000 companies. Implementing world’s cutting edge character recognition technology. It boosts companies’ work productivity by cutting data-entry time and optimizing team collaboration. – Google Play Store

With CamCard Business (The paid version) you can quickly

  • save contacts into a centralised business card data base
  • exchange company e-cards
  • set role for each user to access to the master database securely
  • share cards company wide
  • assign work to your colleagues and get work done in time
  • search clients company news
  • make notes and reminders on client’s card
  • easily export contacts to excel files
  • encrypt cards with military based encryption
  • restrict cards to a particular IP address
CamCard Business Card - 2
CamCard Business Card – 2
Image Source: Google Images

You want more info on pricing and how to use?

Read on their website.

Where to download

Download from Google Play Store or from Apple iTunes

2. Business Card Reader Free – Business Card Scanner

ABBY Business Card Holder - Techgyst
ABBY Business Card Holder
Source: Google Images

With this digital business card holder, you can also Turn Paper business cards in digital contacts and manage them easily.

This business card reader works like the CamCard business card reader. It scans business cards and convert them to texts, with its OCR engine.

ABBYY BCR is a featured app in the intel® Business App Portfolio.

ABBYY BCR transfers business card data in 25 languages i.e 8 more languages than CamCard business card. You can also export files to excel, share via email or by SMS.

Key Features

ABBY Business Card Holder - Techgyst
ABBY Business Card Holder
Source: Google Images
  • Card Holder, the BCR’s own storage, provides convenient business card search, as well as sorting and grouping of contacts. You can quickly and easily find biz contact you need.
  • ‘My cards’ group in Card Holder allows to save your own business cards in different languages and for different biz occasions.
  • Text notes to cards easy to make, edit, look through and find in BCR’s storage.
  • Quickly verify contacts recognition results. The BCR highlights uncertain characters and displays the original image so that you can confirm or correct the app’s output.
  • Forward recognized contact data from Card Holder via e-mail as VCard and JPEG file or via SMS as a plain text.
  • Export to MS Excel to manage business cards database on your desktop.
  • Find out more about your new biz contacts on the most popular social networks Facebook, Linkedln, and Twitter.
  • Search in Maps for the address of your biz contact with just one tap from ABBYY Business Card Reader.
  • Backup and restore contacts from saved business cards.
  • Recognize business cards in 25 languages, including multilingual cards (maximum 3 languages simultaneously)

You want more info on how to use?

Read on their website.

Where to Download

ABBY Business Card Holder - Techgyst
ABBY Business Card Holder Download Screenshots
Source: Google Images

Download from Google Play Store (Free Version) (Paid version) or from Apple iTunes


Other Digital Business Card Holders you can try

3. BCard Business Card Reader

BCard Business Card Reader - Techgyst
BCard Business Card Reader
Source: Google Images

This digital business card holder scans your business card and convert your business card in digital format.

This business card holder allows you to scan documents, save them both on your local device and in the cloud. With its multiple platform login, contacts saved in the cloud are encrypted and made available for you on any device or web browser. This said, you can access your cards remotely. Your contacts are synced to your Google account.

Similarly, you can export contacts as Excel files to a local database, share with friends and work group, and lots more.

NB: Some features are premium i.e paid for.

Read more about this business card on their official website.

Where to Download

Download this app from Google Play store or from Apple iTunes

4. Business Card Holder

Digital Business cards for hassle-free way to organize visiting cards. It functions like the previous two card holders. Read more on Google Play store

The List is Almost Unending

If you carefully go through your respective app store, you will find many similar applications. Just use the keyword “Business Card holders” See screenshots of what we found.

Business Card holder Screenshot - Desktop - tECHGYST iMAGES
Business Card holder Screenshot – Desktop

Before installing any of these applications, be sure to read reviews, check pricing and rating, since most app stores are flooded with third-party, untrusted application.


At the time this post was written, Techgyst was not affiliated with any of these organisation. We have written this post based on an experience of mass business card loss. Content of this post was taken from Google Play Store. Visit Respective website and your app store for updated terms, and price.

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