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On Techgyst, you can get featured as an entrepreneur or an organisation at zero cost. This feature is necessary to spread words about your business and entrepreneurship to our crowd of hungry readers.

On our platform, you get your desired exposure to your clients without having to spend a dime.

Get featured On Techgyst
Get featured On Techgyst

Below are benefits for getting featured on Techgyst as an Organisation or Entrepreneur

1. Your page speaks for you any day and time

When you are featured on our website, you won’t have to say much to your prospects. Your post on our website will do the speaking for you, since all they need to know about your brand, product or service will be detailed. The purpose is to reduce time spent explaining same things over and over again.

2. You can use this page as you want

3. Enjoy a lifetime opportunity of access to our ever growing readers.

As our readers increase, so does your audience. That said, if tomorrow we have 50,000 daily views, you have access to that audience. 

4. Your page stays up for life; what this means is, we will not delete this post except you ask us to.

5. You get a free shout-out to our followers on all our social media account, where we have over 1,500 followers.

6. If you don’t have an active website

You can include your page link to your adverts on any platform.  You can include your unique URL to adverts so clients can get details about your product.

7. Evergreen backlink

Getting featured on Techgyst as an organisation and including a link to your website increases your authority on the web. If you own a website already, you understand the importance of referrals and backlinks for SEO. We don’t care how much backlinks your page will have; all we care about is keeping your page active.

The links below gives more detail of each feature type (Entrepreneur or Organisation)

Get featured as an Entrepreneur

Get featured as an Organisation

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