Answers to Instagram Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Instagram Frequently Asked Questions

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With reference to requests and frequent questions sent to us and most especially, the ones we receive on Quora and via our contact form, which you can freely view here any time, we have decided to collate some Instagram Frequently Asked Questions and give answers to them.

Although so many people may not see its importance, we implore you to download and read, since you have already landed here.


- Disappearing Instagram Accounts
- Inability to follow or Unfollow – Usually due to a ban
- Inability to like or comment on a post
- Ban duration – How long an Instagram ban lasts
- Accumulating followers
- Deleting sent friend requests
- Getting likes
- Marketing via Instagram
- Contacting Instagram support
- And more

Although answers have been given on Quora, Quora still allow people to re-ask questions, not minding if answers were given before, or request someone to answer a previous question. If you do not mind, you can read these answers on our Quora Page.

If you wish to ask more questions, comment and send us emails. In our next issue, we will address them.

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