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Best Android ‘Image to Text’ Application; Text fairy

As we promised, we will always serve you with useful information and thus, we are introducing you to Text fairy, a useful android application that will not only increase productivity but also guarantee convenience & efficiency. In a previous post, we properly explained what an

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Digital note taking over traditional note taking, anytime

It is wonderful to see people taking note or writing everyday on the go. It feel great when I have conversations with people and along the line they reveal that they are writers – writers? What comes straight to my mind is reading their article

Cracked phone screen - Techgyst

Avoid breaking those delicate phone screens

It has become a norm with smart phone users to carry phones with cracked screens or broken screens, the reasons are best known to them but a generalization has been made. Read more to Avoid breaking those delicate phone screens The generalisations are Dropping of the

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Most ideal accessory for receiving calls: Bluetooth headset

Having read and watched so many articles, news and videos, you should be convinced by now that receiving calls with the phone placed close to your head is wrong, and is a very serious risk.  Bluetooth headset is most ideal. Health fact The placement of