Android Phone Lag: Effects, reasons, and expert solutions

Does your phone lag prevent you from taking calls? … oh, that hurts, but don’t worry, its normal for smartphones to lag.

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Many factors can make a phone lag. Which of these could be your case?

Let’s find out and get you a fix.

But before we continue, here are some bitter effects of phone lag

One bitter effect of phone lag for entrepreneurs is an inability to take phone calls from clients. Aside this, you also notice that it takes you over 6 seconds to type short words like “Techgyst” or “praise GOD”.

Yes, that situation where your virtual keyboard starts lagging. At times, you think your app is lagging, but no, that’s your virtual keyboard acting up.

I noticed it on every of my phone, so you don’t think it’s only with phones of low RAM (random access memory).

At the moment, I use an LG v20 with 4GB of RAM, and over 2.0 GHz processor.

So, if you thought “oh wow, he has a slow phone”, then you are wrong. Processors and RAMs aren’t always the only reasons why phones lag.

…So, stick around…

Apart from virtual keyboards freezing up, phone lag can ruin your product photos.

If your phone has a camera with manual mode, and you shoot photos in that mode, you will notice this. While it should take only 5 seconds to process a photo, it might take over 30 seconds. – now, 30 seconds is a lot of time for one photo when all the action is happening already.

Slight movement from you while taking such picture can ruin the photo. You will end up with photo blur, or shadows like the ghost effect.

Android Phone Lag causes photo blur - Techgyst

But do phones require up to 5 seconds for a shot? Yes, some scenes require so much exposure. – this type of phone photography is only achieved when you have manual mode cameras.

Apart from these effects, I must say, “the phone will reduce your efficiency”. A laggy phone totally wastes your time. Imagine spending minutes trying to send your account number to a client. … or missing phone calls because your phone lags – among others.

To worsen the situation, phone lag makes it impossible for you to make video calls with clients. Some clients must see you in order to trust you.

Why own an expensive phone if you can’t do things as fast as you should?

But what then causes a phone to lag eventually?

Doing a google search on the topic, I found out that having low memory space could make a phone lag. Micheal also confirmed this. If you are observant, you would have noticed this too.

When you buy these phones, their performances are really swift. But then, as time goes by, and you keep loading photos and videos in them, they start slowing down.

Some people say its processor out-rightly…

Oh boy, processor is not a case with snapdragon chips, or new Mediatek chips either. It’s simply an overload of data in your phone storage.

If your phone has enough storage memory, then your phone might be slow because it has an old processor. That old processor does not have as much power to load modern apps.

These modern apps are developed for faster processors. So, what a modern processor will typically load in 20 seconds, an old one will require over 50 seconds.

Haven’t you wondered why people sell off their used phones for newer ones?

If slow processor isn’t the problem, then low RAM (random access memory) is.

A phone without enough storage for cache (temporary app data) will always load app data repeatedly. The reason for this is, with every app you load, your phone clears previous app’s cache.

The process of clearing cache and loading cache requires some time. 2 seconds is about 2000 milliseconds – a lot of time.

Finally, your phone lags because there is an overload of Apps running in the background. Too much is never good. If you run your phone above its capacity, it will cry out, and you must adjust.

Did I forget?

Slow networks also make a phone lag. Have you ever connected to WIFI and had to wait for your phone to sync? Well, that time can go as long as double or three times if WIFI is slow.

A typical example which will drive this reason better is your experience with WhatsApp or your internet based games.

Lastly, staying for a pretty long time without doing a reboot could make your phone lag. At this time, your phone has a lot of dumps (cache) that weren’t cleared from the RAM. Thus your phone will lag.

Phone Lag - Up time screenshot - Techgyst

I have this exact experience some times, even T-Mobile advise that you “reboot your phone periodically”. – Saw this message first on my T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z).

If all these are what causes my phone lag, what’s the fix?

So, I was in a conversation with Micheal, who apparently is my phone guy. He gave me a few tricks to combat low phone storage.

The typical thing is, “simply delete some files or move some apps to SD (SanDisk)”. While this is true, there is a standard requirement.

For best performance on an android phone, you should have over 4GB free storage space. Same applies for iPhones. – A study shows that iPhones with larger memory run faster than iPhones with lower memory.

So, while using your phone and loading video and music files, ensure you have over 4GB free.

But that’s not all.

You should also ensure that you use your newest phone as your business phone. New phones are your only guaranty of getting a fast processor.

In other words, you should get a phone with a faster processor. You really don’t need to invest a fortune on this. – I will explain my reasons and teach you how to go about it later.

For low RAMs, ensure you don’t have an overload running of apps, so you can easily switch apps.

There is actually no way your phone wont lag if you have Facebook, Instagram, Google Chrome and similar others on a 1GB RAM phone. If you must use these apps, get their lite versions, or use alternatives.

For Google chrome, you can use apps like UC web, or Operamini, or your default phone browser. For Facebook, download the lite version “Facebook Lite”. And for Instagram, Use the low data mode. These apps were developed for low-end phones with RAM below 2GB.

For background apps, turn off auto sync. If killing auto sync does not help, go to your phone setting and limit app background processes.

Background process limit - Techgyst - Phone Lags solutions

What this actually does is, it allows only a number of apps run in the background. – That will solve a problem but, your phone won’t function optimally either.

What makes smartphones awesome are the background processes and multitasking. So, if you can’t be uploading, calculating, rendering and copying files simultaneously, then your phone really sucks.

If you ask for a bleeding-advice, I say you buy a new phone.

You don’t need to break the bank for this either. – I will teach you how.

When I started buying smartphones in 2012, I defined what I wanted and went for it. But as a young lad, I could only buy fairly used phones. So I stock to two years old models, these models always have latest processors, and good RAM.

I’m currently using a V20, with snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM and 64GB inbuilt storage expandable to up to 256 GB with external storage.

The snap 820 is only four generations old. But guess what… I didn’t have to break the bank.

I simply went to a phone dealer and bought a used V20.

The V20 is a 2016 phone, so there’s no fear of over use… Phone processors and hardware should last for life. Except they are damaged by excessive heat… I obviously don’t plan on using it for over 10 months. But for now, it serves.

LG V20 II - Phone Lag - effects reasons expert solutions - Techgyst
LG V20 showing its Secondary Screen

If you need a used phone, buy phones that are just about 2 years old. – don’t go for an iPhone if you are on a strict budget. There’s actually no need for that luxury.

You may not know, but the only major difference between iPhones and Android is security and software update. Every other thing is the same.

If I’m not mistaking, you aren’t buying for luxury but for business.

Design wise, there are more beautiful android phone than iPhone. My V20, and G6 are beautiful, Samsung S7 and S7 edge are beautiful too.

So, if you need something for show and to fit a profile, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, and Sony 2016 or early 2017 phones will do.

LG V20 - Phone Lag - effects reasons expert solutions - Techgyst

Be sure that when buying, you have a good RAM, camera, processor, battery and internal storage. – but then, these new phones wont pack any storage or RAM below 64GB and 3GB respectively.

You see now that it’s not rocket science. Just some little things you’ve ignored, and a little hint on how to buy. I hope this helps you work faster and hit more business goals.

Let me know what you wish to learn next via the comment section.

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