About Techgyst | for Entrepreneurs

Techgyst | for Entrepreneurs is an evolution of “Techgyst”. We have saddled ourselves with the responsibility of teaching entrepreneurs in Nigeria how to use tech for business.

Techgyst’s aim is to show Entrepreneurs how to best leverage available tech in Nigeria to run their businesses and increase productivity. When Nigerian entrepreneurs leverage technology, they can then conquer Africa totally and cover the world.

How Do We Wish to Achieve This?

We will achieve this aim by telling entrepreneurs everything we know and everything we have studies so far. On the part of entrepreneurs, their rapt attention to details and speedy application of what we teach them will help us achieve our aim faster.

We do not have intention to act like others who require people to pay so much to be in communities before they can be taught. Entrepreneurs get everything from us for free.

How Do We Meet Entrepreneurs?

We have focused only on social entrepreneurs since we currently do not have capacity to meet entrepreneurs outside SNS. Our twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Page are our major tools of contact to Entrepreneurs on SNS.

We also have a contact page where our handles are listed clearly, including email addresses to our CEO and Admin who reply all messages within 5 minutes, except on Saturdays and Sundays, when messages are replied between 12PM to 4PM. Other times, its 24 hours.

Do You Have a Community?

Yes, we do. We have a WhatsApp group. WhatsApp groups are easier to manage and since that’s all we have capacity for, we chose to leverage it immensely.

In the nearest future, we will have more communities, both offline and online.

You can follow this link to join our WhatsApp group

Does Techgyst  Accept Guest Posts?

Oh, sure, we do. Nobody is an Island of knowledge. We do not have eyes and ears everywhere. If you have a post and wish for us to publish it on our website, your post must reach a set standard. We don’t serve our readers shiit.

For more information, read this post.

Who Are Techgyst’s Competitors?

Nobody is competing with anybody. It is unhealthy. Instead of competing, Techgyst partners. Instances where we need services of others, we mail them, do a collaboration, everybody wins.

What Will You Say to Your Readers?

Two word: Follow us. The only way you will miss out is if you refuse to follow us. If you are in our groups already, stay tuned for updates from us.