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Techgyst is a team,

We aspire to be the best, one stop point for all gadget related Information, bundled with reviews and personal experiences.

Our Drive

  • Eradication of misleading information from manufacturers, advertisers and others from the internet.
  • Dissemination of real information about products and services in our niche.
    • Handhelds – phones, phablets and tablets.
    • Laptops
  • Provision of services in our niche.
    • Sales of gadgets
    • Repair and servicing of broken gadgets

Misinformation has lured people into taking irrational decisions that they regret, usually immediately after purchase or payment for a product or service. We have heard of people who bought gadgets and discovered that the adverts they saw concerning such gadgets were false. Unfortunately, they did not have a good platform to tell the world how they felt. They were never heard.

There is a common trend with online stores selling gadgets to people and never refunding their money when complaints are made. They just turn their backs on them.

Techgyst offers sales, service and repair of PDAs like Laptops, Desktops, Mobile phones and other gadgets. Brand new and fairly used can be purchased from us. For every device purchased from us, you get a warranty.

You must wonder; how is servicing possible?

It is possible with our efficient, trust worthy servicemen who work round the clock to render services when they are needed. Depending on your proximity you might have to go to a registered serviceman’s shop or we might come to you.

We don’t stand alone; we have done well with recognising authentic websites with reliable contents which are usually ambiguous. Such contents are referred to, developed and hence simplified for our readers.

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MORE About us

Nothing can be as cool as a DIY (Do it yourself) – Free articles on simplified tips on how to tackle issues you will/might encounter while using your gadgets will be posted here when they are discovered.

We also intend to help people understand their phones, regardless of OS (Operating system).


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