Forget everything they tell you, create an impression on Instagram

I made my first sale from Instagram by creating an impression on Instagram.

This said, forget everything they tell you and listen to me, who will apply my knowledge in a new business and succeed?


Four years Ago, I found a purpose for my Instagram accounts. Last year, I found a path. Early this year, I made my first income from Instagram alone by creating an impression on Instagram. As I speak to you, I’ve quit my 8 – 3 job for flexibility.


The truth is, most of the guys you may have listened to don’t have the wealth of experience I have. The ones who do are stingy with it “Stingy entrepreneurs”. They say algorithms change, but there’s always a bedrock for everything.


For example,

Peoples interest don’t change thus, targeting remains the same

Instagram is a photo bucket, visually striking images still win

70% of your videos will get to the explore if [content hidden after 10 seconds]

Your account will get banned if you break any Instagram rule.

Your hashtag will get banned if you are reported.

It will always be like this, and we’ve known for years now.

So when I write, always take time to decipher, as I won’t say things in black and white. …except you buy my blueprint on how to create an impression on Instagram.

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Reason why you must first create an impression on Instagram before sales pitch

Create a clear impression to your audience and have them know you are the ultimate. That is, the “go to” person for the problems they may have. (unforeseen by them, but clear to you).


Now, you cannot create right impressions on Instagram without knowing exactly what path you want to thread on.


This said, you must first define who you are coming to serve on Instagram, then  convince them. You gradually and consistently show them what you can do, not just talk about it.


If you can’t determine who you are coming for (audience) then you can’t create an impression on Instagram. (No awful example to explain this at the moment). You must pick a niche, i.e decide on a group of people who have a problem, and the possible things you can do to help them.


The real deal!

The idea behind this is, when you relaunch, you will be solving a problem for people and get them to pay you for these solutions. Therefore, as you solve people’s problem in a niche you are passionate about, they pay you.


For the aforementioned to happen, you must have a crowd of hungry followers to sell to. At this point, the impression you have created in their minds comes to play. – Just some business psychology.

The world has moved from “creating a product and serving it hot to your audience” to “listening to your audience, creating an impression and making ice cream for them”.


That’s how Uber started, that’s how Airbnb started, that’s how you will relaunch and get recurring sales. My only plan for every entrepreneur I teach.

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