Entrepreneur Profile: Esther Awa – CEO WritersHouse HQ

Meet Esther Awa, CEO of WritersHouse HQ, a book writing, publishing and distribution firm based in Aba – Abia, Nigeria.


WritersHouse HQ comprises creative writing for individuals who have a story but lack documentation, book editing, and publishing skills.


Their book editing service is for writers who have manuscripts but lack time or need a bird’s eye to pick errors. Apart from publishing, WritersHouse HQ ensure sales and authority in respective fields for published books.


“We do not just engage in traditional printing of paper and hard cover books but have an edge with an introduction of online publishing as well and a marketing and sales structure that would transform your fame to income.” – Esther Awa explains.

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What inspired WritersHouse HQ?

I used to be the introverted child who loved her books more than anything. My most presents were literature and it became common knowledge overtime that to wow or appease me, all you needed was a copy of content.


A book. I would chew on the author’s words till I sated my hunger, the rumbling of my physical tummy, with it. I practically had to be dragged out of my room so everyone knew I was home.


Then I fell in love, with not just reading but editing. Critiquing for errors in sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, name it. I was a middle schooler at the time but I had honed this skill almost perfectly.


Yet I was still timid. Then I began to write and I loved it all the more. I would write essays and win prizes, yet, that same kid.


Until it happened. I began to receive calls for help. Assistance to work on books, irrespective of genre and specialty. Support for budding writers who were thought they were queer like me but knew they were more. And aid to authors who did not know how to go about publishing their already edited manuscripts.


Then I grew confident. I had garnered the experience for years and it was time set up a structure around it. That was how I founded WritersHouse HQ, a company that specializes in creative writing, book editing and publishing of all sorts.

Tech leverage and platforms

Esther Awa has good experience with tech, as she leverages social media platforms like Instagram for client acquisition. She also uses Instagram and WhatsApp for customer relations.

Entrepreneur Profile Esther Awa – CEO WritersHouse HQ - IG Square PIC

Esther Awa faces these challenges

As a startup in this epileptic ecosystem, Esther Awa is challenged with

  • Limited information and wide knowledge gap, and
  • Lack of experience


To transform your ideas and imagination into books of international standard for publishing, contact Esther Awa.


Do you need your book written, edited and published today?

… contact Esther Awa on WhatsApp or Instagram (@theextraawa)

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