Entrepreneur Profile: Olageshin Aderinsola – CEO Kiakiaerrands

Meet Olageshin Aderinsola, CEO of kiakiaerrands, an errand running startup based in Lagos, serving both mainland and Island.


Kiakiaerrands runs errands for clients, saving them from the stress of queue or wasting business time shopping.


Olageshin Aderinsola helps her clients to buy groceries, food items, gift items, and fashion pieces like clothes, shoes, bags, etc.


For professionalism and to satisfy her clients, Olageshin Aderinsola has developed key communication skills. The purpose of these skills is to pay good attention to her clients’ specific needs.


According to Aderinsola Olageshing, shopping for items tend to be a bore for a lot of people, and some others just don’t have the time for it.


She also added that she enjoys shopping. …picking new things all the time and having to do this for clients is always priceless.


“This is what I love doing, so it won’t seem like a big load of work. It will as well afford me the opportunity to get the very best for clients”. – Olageshin Aderinsola

Entrepreneur Profile - Olageshin Aderinsola - CEO Kiakiaerrands 3

Training and Education

Olageshin Aderinsola is a University of Lagos Graduate, 2017 session. She graduated with B.Sc. HONS from the Faculty of Education, Department of Geography.


Olageshin Aderinsola Leverages tech in its little way

She has an Instagram page, where her service is being promoted, and where she acquires clients. She has been leveraging tech for over one year, with good outcome.

Entrepreneur Profile - Olageshin Aderinsola - CEO Kiakiaerrands 2

Aderinsola’s challenges

In her quest to offer quality service to her clients, she faces challenges with

  • Funds
  • Limited information / wide knowledge gap
  • Data cost

Entrepreneur Profile - Olageshin Aderinsola - CEO Kiakiaerrands

Next time you need an errand ran kiakia (fast), do not hesitate to contact Olageshin Aderinsola.

Do you need your errands ran by a professional?

… contact Olageshin Aderinsola on WhatsApp, or Instagram (Kiakiaerrands).

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