These Hashtag Secrets Will Increase your Audience Reach

Deciding on perfect hashtags to boost your audience reach on Instagram will be much easier with these hashtag secrets. These secrets have been deployed by so many people and it has really worked. Sometimes, you feel it’s magic. But it’s not.

On social media, there is no magic. Thus, to enjoy social media, you must understand the system. If possible, understand the algorithms.

A post on our Instagram page reads “Follow Instructions, That’s all it takes”. That said, to enjoy these hashtag secrets and reach your target audience, you must apply these secrets we outlined below.

Hashtag Secrets to Increase Your Audience Reach

To increase your post reach and enhance your target, you should apply these hashtag secrets:

1. Niche as Hashtag

Niche as hashtag - Techgyst - hashtag secret
Use Your Niche – Techgyst

The first source of hashtags for your post should be your niche. The reason for this is, you want people to find your post when they search for that hashtag. This said, if you are a photographer and you want to use a hashtag based on your niche, use #photography, #photographer and #photographs. But since nature photography is your actual niche, use #naturephotography or #naturephotographer. When someone who needs to see feeds on nature photography comes on Instagram, they immediately search for #naturephotography.

2. Location as Hashtag

Location as Hashtag - Techgyst - Hashtag Secretes
Location as Hashtag

The second set of hashtags for your pictures should be your location. This should not be limited to the location of your firm or organisation. By location, you should use your actual location or where an action or event is taking place. Furthermore, if you render a service and your target is a particular location, you should use that location.

For example, a photographer who takes shots of Lagos island only, can be based in the mainland; say Ikeja. You do not expect him to use #ikeja as location tag for his pictures. He will rather use #island or #vi.

3. Post Category

Category as Tag - Techgyst - Hashtag secretes
Use Your Post Category as Tag

This type of hashtag is used majorly by bloggers or people that own websites and have a post calendar. These hashtags are generated based on post category from their website.

This said, if you post black and white pictures or negatives on Wednesday, you use #blackandwhite or #negatives. If you do both, use #negatives #blackandwhite #bnw #negative #filter. Filter because the image is filtered.

4. Key Points (Keywords)

Keyword as Hashtag - Techgyst - Hashtag Secretes
Use Your Blog Post Keywords as Hashtag

keywords are a little tricky. Website owners and bloggers use these tricky keywords. Every post or article has a keyword; use the keywords as hashtags.

In addition, the Keyword “image processing” can be used by a photography blog on their post when writing about image processing. On Instagram, you use the hashtag #imageprocessing or similar others.

Bonus Hashtag Secrets

5. Activity, Mood or Emotion

Mood as Hashtag - Techgyst
Use Your Mood, or Activity as Hashtags

The tags for activities are as direct and easy as the four we already discussed. You can use the hashtag #bar, #club, #park, for photos taken at a bar, club, or park. The same goes for mood or emotion (happy, sad, bad, good, jovial).

Use abstractions directly as hashtags. An example is #beauty, #prince, #cute, #tender, #kind and so on

6. Instagram Name

Instagram Name as Hashtag - Techgyst
Use Your Instagram Name as Hashtag

Use your Instagram name as a tag. Using your name makes it easier for people to find your posts. That said, whenever people come on Instagram and wish to see all posts for the week, they simply search for your tag. Some examples are #techgyst, #youtubenigeria, #matt_ndu, #naijastartups #nattymoore #garyvee.

You can have more than one hashtag from your name. Since you are #6ixcovers, you can do something like #6ixcoversphotography #TAG6covers etc.


Your creativity matters a lot, remember to experiment with hashtags, change them sometimes and monitor results. Although these tags sound just perfect, over population of photos can make less people see your photos. The reason is, Monday can have over 5000 new post every second.

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