I have read many interesting blogs but I realised that the guides are not comprehensive enough for noobs or non-android engineers to understand.

Well, I have decided to help everybody understand this simple trick or let’s say, method. I have done this for many people who are currently using it without having to use any application or backdoor routing or tunnelling software.

This trick requires you to change your current IMEI to a blackberry IMEI, this makes GLO servers see your phone as a Blackberry phone and allow you full access to surf the net using the GLO BIS.

With this trick you can also share your data with your laptop, other phones and even your friends; this is not possible when you are using other cheat or tricks.

I will walk you through a simple guide and attach screenshots for easy understanding and download links to necessary applications.

Step 1.

Make sure your android phone is rooted because you need full permission and authority to write and edit some system files and settings.

You need to download MTK ENGINEERING; this application will be used to change the IMEI. You also need to download BBGEN; this application is used to generate Blackberry IMEI and it is easy to use.

Step 2.

Generate a blackberry IMEI using the BBGEN application you downloaded,

After generating a BB IMEI, launch the MTK Engineering application you previously downloaded and installed, click on MTK settings,  scroll to the right till you see connectivity, click on CDS Information, then click on Radio Information, Click on your GLO SIM, SIM 1 (Phone 1), SIM 2 (Phone 2)

Then you will see a similar screen to this (See screenshot after post)

Click on AT+, press the spacebar (Space key) once and the backspace once, click on AT+EGMR = 1,7,“” (SIM 1) AT+EGMR = 1,10,”” (SIM 2) in between “”, put your new IMEI code (“NEW IMEI CODE”) and then click (SEND AT COMMAND). You will get a toast notification saying “AT command is mSent”.

Step 3.

Restart your Phone, when it turns on, check your IMEI using the short code *#06#, it should display your new IMEI. If it does, congratulations you just changed your IMEI.

Step 4.

Go to settings; create a new Access Point Name for Glo,

For the Name Use TECHGYST or any name you like,

For the APN use then save it.

Select the new Access Point Name.

Step 5.

Recharge with #1,000 GLO,

Go to your message and then send COMONTH to 777.

A reply will be sent to you, allow the network to do their thing and then turn on your data network, surf freely. Mind you it is 3gb for a month.

   Screenshot_2016-01-15-21-54-01   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-20-32   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-20-43

   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-20-50   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-20-56   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-21-01

   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-21-06_20160116093125768   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-21-20   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-21-35_20160116093302099

   Screenshot_2016-01-16-08-21-56   Screenshot_2016-01-16-09-34-31

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