You must have wondered – What is the popular demand in Nigeria?

I must tell you that most people in Nigeria are interested mainly in the size of screens and care less about other features. The reason is, most of them download and watch movies on their phones and the rest of the do more of pictures.

Without wasting much time, I will give you a run down of the top five selling phone brands in Nigeria.

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  1. SAMSUNG –  The Reason why Samsung still takes the bigger share in Nigerian market is still unknown to me. Some people say they have a great class, some others say their products are reliable while some love the picture quality.
  2. TECNO – Tecno which is based on the MTK chipset takes second place. They achieved this true quality, proper customer care service and production of phones that really matched the taste of Nigerians. They have also been able to produce affordable phones which are usually about have the price of any Samsung phone with almost the same features. They have nice picture quality and hardware and overtime made sure they improved the features of their phones, further satisfying their customers.
  3. HTC – A Nigerian will either buy a brand new Samsung for class, a brand new Tecno for class and to also write his name among people that own a new phone or buy a HTC and close his eyes. Well, nobody will know your HTC is second hand, fairly used or London used as named by 9ja person.  Left to me, the smartest buy is the HTC because it has a better grade than the TECNO phone, the only downside is, you might not figure out that the phone you bought is fake until a week after your two weeks warranty.
  4. INFINIX – With Tecno being the number one MTK phone in Nigeria, it has to be number Four on my list. It features nice hardware, tho still based on the MTK chipset, it has some features that Tecno has not been able to add to their phones. Some INFINIX phones have NFC, which  are not in Tecno, but NFC is not in use by anybody in Nigeria, so I will say it is a waste.
  5. I know you are probably expecting me to say IPHONE – Well, Yes, that’s correct. Still on the struggling side because it managed to be on my top 5. No much to say, just a fully restricted piece of device trying hard to gain users love. Left to me, I will but iPhone for the class but for functionality, there is no difference from other mentioned phones. Most of the feature on the iPhone are bloatware, starting from the finger print to the retina whatever.
  6. BLACKBERRY – Blackberry is featured on this post because well, it is one of the recognized smart phones in Nigeria with only Z10 and Q10 at high demand.

Stay around for more updates and posts. Trust me I wont disappoint you

If your phone is not mentioned here, please understand that this is based on my perception.

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